Sunday 13 November 2016

A Year of Projects Update - Week 20

Another week flies by in a flurry of school, homework and meetings!  I have got some projects done though amongst it all.

I did a craft sale yesterday, which meant I could do a certain amount of knitting on my WIP's in between sales.
I am nearly done on Thomas's socks, just the ribbing to be done.
I have nearly finished my blue tit socks - a little more leg and ribbing here to go also.

I cast on a sweater for Daniel last week.  This is to be Flax by Tin Can Knits in my left over Christmas jumper wool.  He wants reindeer on it so a couple more inches and reindeer here we come!

I also wound up this wool, since I am nearly done with my socks, I want to be ready for the next ones.  The brown will be a hat for dad.  The pinky colour is a sock club yarn, so will be Cillega by Rachel Coopey and the speckle will be a pair of socks for me - probably pebble by Mina Phillips.  The brown and the speckle were the yarns that I dyed in the holiday.  I really like how they turned out, so much so I am thinking of getting a batch of yarn to dye for my breathing space and for another sweater to be determined for next summer.

At the beginning of the week, I also finished this hat as a present - I am now up to 4/7.
That's it for this week - have a good week.


  1. Hope you had lots of sales! The socks are looking great. Love the blue of the hat. Very pretty colorway.

  2. Love that you got to do a craft sale. Your socks are great, both pair. Jats are so nice tomdo as they dont take long periods of time to complete

  3. I hope your sales went well at the craft fair. You are zooming along on the socks. Great beanie at the end and can't wait to see the reindeer in progress.

  4. I'm amazed at all you do, Lucy. Is this your craft sale table from the side (viewing it from the side)? It looks bright with lots of fun things.

  5. So many amazing projects and always in such lovely colours. Thanks for the suggestion of pebble socks... in fact I like that whole collection of beyond vanilla socks. You've given me some ideas!

  6. You are so prolific. I love the socks.

  7. Awesome knitting and progress. I envy the time you find to get knitting xxx

  8. I'm embarrassed by my lack of progress in handwork after I see yours! LOL! Both socks are so nice and I want to get some WYS bird yarns and the Blue Tit is so pretty! Your hat is great too. You dyed those yarns? They're gorgeous! I would like to try as the hand dyed are pretty pricey. I hope you had much success with your craft sale! Have a great week!

  9. You are being super speedy. This time of year is so busy I am impressed you find time to sit down and do as much as you do on your knitting