Monday 23 January 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 30

It's been a busy week - Thomas was 9 yesterday so we had a party on Saturday and went out Sunday.  We had a football party at the local community center.  A football coach came over and the kids had a great time.  So much so, Daniel now wants the same, so I won't complain, it was very easy to run and organise.

I finished my sock club socks this week, which was very exciting, these more complicated designs take me so much longer (but they look so good!)
I have made progress on my January socks for the boxosox KAL and the grocery girls KAL.  I have completed the heel and am now finishing the yarn before I do the cuff.
I have also made progress on the sunshower cardigan that I am making as a vest for the Andi Satterlund KAL.  I did realise a while ago that I was going to run out of yarn so have got some black to finish it with - black ribbing and button band, I think it will look ok.  Sorry about the photo, the light is dreadful and the yarn is camouflaged with the carpet!

I have nothing else this week but I did win something this week.  Hopefully it will arrive this week and I can share the excitement next week.

Hope you all have a great week


  1. One year I rented the school gym and did a basketball party for my son. It was a big hit
    Those socks are just gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely mum you are to your rambunctious boys. I do wonder what kind of parties boys have as I only have two girls. I'm glad it was fun and seemed pretty stressfree for you to put together and throw together. Great job on the pink socks; you are patient w/all of that purling. I'm not a fan of purling in a sock pattern.

  3. You son must have loved it. What a great mum you are and now the next party will be a breeze. Your finished socks are so pretty and your boxosox are bright and cheery. I think the black rib and button band is a wonderful idea. Excited to see what you won too.

  4. What a great idea for a party! Having only boys, also, I tend to think boy's parties require more out of the box ideas than girl's parties probably do. But then, to me, girl's seem like a party unto themselves. lol Your projects are looking great, and I can't wait to see what you won!

  5. Sounds like he had a great birthday and you still got more done than I did! Not surprising. I am in the Box of Socks KAL this year too. I think socks are my favorite right now. I would like to try toe up and then 2 at a time but we'll see. I love the yarns you chose too and that 2nd yarn is gorgeous with the contrasting heels and toes. Your Andysatkal is turning our beautiful also. Is that a vest? I love vests. Have a great week!

  6. Your socks look great - love the red strips in the yarn. Can't wait to see what you won - I love winning stuff - especially on Ravelry!

  7. Happy birthday to your boy, and what a great party he had.
    Lovely stitching projects, and good progress.

  8. Yeah for easy parties! I think the black will be a great compliment to that color! My house sucks for natural only happens in certain areas at certain times and even the artificial light is not great...