Sunday 26 March 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week39

It's going to be short and sweet this week as we have some beautiful spring weather today, so I am looking forward to getting out in it (it may not last for long!)
These are not from my list, but are finished nonetheless.  A host of chicks for a craft fair next week.
I haven't made a whole lot of progress on much else this week (I think a flock of chickens is sufficient) but I did get my socks onto the needle for four at a time.
I am quite enjoying it - the yarn management is no more difficult than two at a time.  It is, of course, taking more time to make progress.
Will I do it again?  Possibly, but will probably stick to two at a time mostly.

We did go to Tilgate this morning and saw the animals.
Next week I have the craft fair and on the Sunday we are going to the car racing, so, in all honesty will probably be back in 2 weeks.  Have a good week!


  1. A flock of chickens and I see a bunny too? You are the fastest and the bestest! LOL! Those are so cute! You are making me brave to knit again although I am also making Easter/Spring items not for a craft fair but it seems like it with the grands! LOL! I hope you do really well at your fair!

  2. Your flock of chicks are so cheerful and made me so happy.

  3. The Easter amigurumi are so fun! They made me smile. How productive you are with TAAT socks WIP's. Have fun at the fair and at the car races.

  4. So cute, those chicks and that bunny! Absolutely perfect yellow yarn for the chicks. Four-at-a-time?! Wow.

  5. Your little yarny chicks are so cute! And FAAT! - what a cool way to knit socks. lol And when you're done you'll have 2 whole new pairs of socks! Very cool. What a cute picture of the boys. :) Have fun with your outings and we'll see you soon!.

  6. Loving the flock of chicks and bunny. Shows that spring is everywhere. Four at a time are braver than I. Enjoy the craft fair......I hope you do well in it.