Sunday 23 April 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 43 (I think)

I managed to miss another week.  I was at my mum and dad's last week and although I fully intended to blog on Monday when I got home, it never happened!

I finished Jokull whilst at my mums.  It is glorious and done in plenty of time for our first camping trip booked for the end of May.
I will try to get some modeled shots at some point.  This is Jokull by Kate Davies and I have knit it in easy care wool and acrylic from Hayfield.
I also finished the socks for Daniel - here he is looking very mucky having developed a liking for chocolate hot cross buns!
Now of course Thomas wants another pair in blue.  He will have to wait as I have some Ma socks lined up and a pair of bot socks - both for me!
I have made great progress on From Way Back.  I have all but finished the body and one sleeve, so just one sleeve and finishing to go.
I have also made good progress on my Easter socks - these are Driftwood by Mina Phillips in the Bertie Botts colourway from Little French Meadow.
My next projects are all lined up - the aforementioned socks and I have wound the yarn for Breathing Space.

Now I decided this week that I needed another craft!  I have been watching podcasts and admiring the lovely embroidery that some add to their sewing projects (think little Bobbins or Sew Sweet Violet).  I decided I would like to do that so have got several classes on Creativebug and have started with the sampler class.  So my acquisitions were the equipment needed to start off.  I can see more in my future as this is strangely addictive at the moment.
And I think that is all.  Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. What tremendous progress you're showing this week. I like your mum's colorwork poncho; it'll be such a handy piece. I love how your son loves his mama's handknit socks. I really like how your Driftwood is knitting up. I've added it; sometimes it takes a Ravelry friend's WIP to convince me to fave it. I like the color of your cardigan; it's such a great neutral.

  2. I love the sweater - you are almost there!

  3. Your Jokull is so pretty and perfect for damp cool weather. Your son is adorable, loving his mums hand knit socks. Your From Way Back is gorgeous and darn near done! Good luck on your new craft adventure. Your socks......the color is so Eastery for sure!

  4. Yeah on the finishes...and who wouldn't develop a love for chocolate hot cross buns?

  5. Your Jokull is wonderful! Your mum is going to love it. And wow you've been productive. Socks and more socks! And your From Way Back sweater is looking terrific. Can't wait to see it modeled. ;^) I enjoy seeing your embroidery. I've recently picked it back up and I agree - it's addicting. I've found myself wondering why I set is aside for so long - like for most of my adult life. I look forward to seeing what you create with it.

  6. How you get all that knitting done with a full time job and a family is beyond me! You deserve Superwoman of the year award! The Jokull is beautiful....I so wanted to do some colorwork this YOP but alas I've done none. Your From Way Back sweater is lovely with all the patterning (is that a word?). Cute socks but cuter model! LOL! Your Easter socks are really cool with the Bertie Botts colorway and Min's pattern is neat as it looks like fish scales yet still shows off the yarn colors beautifully. I think any of us 'creative' fiber people have multiple crafts in our closets...I've tried just about everything and I wish I could just sit and 'craft' all day but alas there is work to be done even when you are retired! LOL! Have a great week! Yes, week 43....can you believe it?

  7. Welcome to the world of embroidery! Like knitting, it is endlessly fascinating and rewarding (OK, and frustrating sometimes). You are getting so much knitting done! Your gray sweater looks so cozy! And good for you for taking time for selfish knitting. It's my favorite kind!