Tuesday 8 August 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 6

Ok, so I'm late again!  This week I was at my mum's at the weekend, and it's just easier to update at home.
I thought I might evaluate the list this week, since we are now into August.

  • Gathered skirt - one done
  • Delphine skirt - one done
  • button through skirt
  • yoked skirt
  • Tunic top
  • t-shirt style top
I have made progress on this section, two skirts made, the fabric cut for both the button through skirt and top.  I hope to make the top today.

  • Breathing Space - in progress 
  • Epistrophy - Coldharbour Mill yarn
  • Tell it Slant - Eden Cottage Yarn
  • Christmas Jumper - Tenderheart - John Arbon Textiles knit by numbers
  • Cropped sweater for winter - using my De rerum Natura  Gilliatt - Finished July 2017
  • Chuck sweater - Coldharbour Mill yarn 
  • Bonbon mitts - in progress
  • Socks - I am not going to specify a pattern as new ones come up and I always want to do them
  • Shortie socks - to use up stash
  • Knees up
Again I have made progress on this section.  Cropped sweater is just waiting for the appropriate weather to wear it in!  I bought the yarn for a second cropped sweater over the weekend.  A lot of the others are now in progress - the Christmas sweater is just about to be cast on, Bonbon mitts are still going and socks are progressing nicely.  Breathing space is at this stage
I now just need to do the ribbing and bind off and I am on the sleeves.
The test knit socks are ready for the pattern part, so far, as always, the pattern has been lovely to follow and I have done my first gusset toe up with ease.  The pattern is by Knitterarium.
I have also started a new pair of shortie socks - seen in the picture. 

Other items
  • Socks - dad, Luke and a second pair for mum to do
  • Scarf - Sevilla - in progress for a friend
  • Bath bombs - for pressies and myself
  • Christmas jumper for Thomas - follow tenderheart as for me but add colorwork from Anders
Craft fair/other crafts:
  • Embroidery - develop to make myself some bags
  • Dog coats - knit some more
  • Hot water bottle covers
  • PE bags and pencil cases for the boys
I am hoping to do the pencil cases today and I have finished a gift knit for dad, so more to do in this section.

Finished items:
And that is it for this week.  I am linking with Frontier Dreams as well as a year of projects this week.


  1. Look at your finishes...sweaters! I love the Anders design but it is in the future for me. Such lovely gift ideas too! You are so productive and love your sewing projects too! Continue to enjoy your time off!

  2. Wow .. seeing everyone's lists this year makes mine look rather poor. That Sevilla scarf is gorgeous - can't wait to see yours. I'm still yet to venture into the sock making arena - can't find a pattern easy enough. Your cropped sweater looks lovely. Have a good week. xox

  3. You have done quite well for only 6 weeks into this YOP. Your test knit socks....love the yarn combo. The shorty socks are a good color combo as well.

  4. You have such lovely finished things and things on the go. And look at you checking things off your list. Well done.

  5. I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks! You have a nice list of projects going! The Breathing Space top is really nice!

  6. Wow, Lucy. Seeing all your clothing-making progress is inspiring. I'd love to come visit your closet. I bet it's pretty in there. :)

  7. Your cropped sweater looks lovely. Have a good week. xox

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