Sunday 22 April 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 43

England seems to have bypassed Spring!  Summer has suddenly arrived (I'm not exactly complaining, although I don't really like the heat), but I suspect spring may be back.

Despite the heat I have made some significant progress.
Last week I completely forgot that I had made quite a lot of progress on Thomas's Christmas jumper.  So this week, I managed to finish it.
This is in John Arbon Textiles knit by numbers and is pretty much tenderheart by Tincan Knits (in Heart on my Sleeve).
I have also made progress on Quiet Stars by Joji Locatelli.  I have done the back to the armpit ad am now making my way done the right side.  The pattern is lovely and easy to memorise although looks much harder.  The yarn is metelsome by Amy Florence at Stranded dyeworks.
So as I said it has been lovely in the UK at the moment, so we have been barbecueing  and going out.  We have also had the class bear so lots of photos have been taken!

 I'm sure the weather will be back to normal next week, so have  lovely week.


  1. Thomas' sweater is great. Love the hearts on the sleeves.

    Our Grand had the class elephant a couple of times. It was great fun watching her take such good care of him.

  2. Oh wow - The finished Christmas Sweater is just terrific! I imagine it will hard for Thomas to wait to wear it.

    Cute picture of your little boy and the Class Bear! :)

  3. Quiet Stars sure looks difficult! It will be a great summer evening sweater.
    The Christmas sweater is just darling!
    It finally stopped snowing and I able to get in my first bike ride of the season. It was hard, but felt good!

  4. Thomas's sweater is so awesome...I want one just like it! I agree with Caffeine Girl....Joji's sweater looks difficult but I'll take your word for it. It's going to be gorgeous! Are you swapping skeins? How often do you have to do that? Like every 2 or 3 rows?
    Your little boy is so cute! So is the class bear. Enjoy the lovely weather!

  5. Great sweater! I have done the class travel pet, but not in a few years...

  6. That jumper is wonderful. I remember having a sweater many years ago with the heart detail on the sleeve and maybe deer or snow flakes around the yoke. I wonder if it is still hanging around, while it definitely won't fit me my daughter might enjoy it.
    Aww the class bear is too cute and what ia great idea. We never had that when mine was little. However my step brother brought home the class hamster for the summer and his mother was not a happy

  7. Yay for heatwaves and for finished objects. I love the jumper!