Sunday 3 June 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

We are drawing to the end of our half term break.  We have had a lovely week, but yesterday I stepped over the potatoes growing in the garden and have sprained my toe.  It is an excuse for doing very little today but it is not how I wanted to finish the week.
I finished these last Sunday and have been wearing them this week.  They are just some rose city rollers in Little French Meadow yarn.
I have made progress on several things, not least, my Quiet Stars by Joji.
But this has taken a back seat since Friday which was when the Outfit Along kicked off with Andi Satterlund.  I have layed out my fabric for the trousers and have cast on Waters by Andi.  I love this combination of colours and love the Lyonesse by Blacker.
And that is about it for this week.  Please click to see what the others have been up to.  I shall be back next week as we get ready to wind up this year - for those of us running from July to July.


  1. Love the colors of your Waters. That will be so pretty when completed. Nice shorty socks. Hope that toe heals up soon.

  2. The Lyonesse colors are gorgeous and who doesn't love Andi's patterns....maybe someday I'll make one but her designs seem to be more appropriate for the younger set of which I am no longer a member! LOL! You will look darling in all those items you're making, The socks are so cute and love that yarn. Have a good week!

  3. Your projects all look so good, Lucy. You make such pretty things. How fun it must be to wear your own creations.

  4. Love the colours for Waters. It seems Joji is the hot designer at the moment. I will have to get on the wagon soon. Love the anklet socks. So cheerful.