Sunday 7 February 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 32

 And another week has gone by.  Our days tend to end up much the same at the moment.   The boys can usually squeeze all of their lessons into the morning and I pop in a couple of Zoom lessons.  Then we talk to my mum via Alexa with a hot chocolate.  Weekends aren't much different,  but we sit on the sofa rather than at the table!

We had some excitement today with the arrival of some snow.  We don't get much snow here so it was quite a thing.

I have been chugging along with my projects this week.   My blanket is still coming along, and my socks are now past the heels.

They were on hold for a few days - I was just going to do them in the same yarn throughout , but then I watched the Stranded podcast!  So by the end of the episode I had been on the West Yorkshire Spinners website and had ordered 3 skeins (milkbottle, Silent night and Robin!)  Anyway, I've done the heels.

I also have a finished object!  

I loved knitting this.  It is a slightly modified painting honeycomb hat by Stephen West.  I used two yarns from my stash - the yellow is an Eden Cottage and the green is by Mellifera yarns who stopped dying years ago, unfortunately.   Now I cannot wait until the sweater comes out!

That's all for this week, I hope everyone has a good and safe week. 


  1. It sounds like you get snow about as often we we do. It is special when it happens. It is very cold here right now. I love your socks and I need to try contrasting heels and toes. I love the color of the heels on yours. It looks like a color that would go with a lot of socks. The hat is so cool! He's coming out with a sweater pattern like it? Awesome! Glad you are staying busy and safe and healthy! Stay warm too!

  2. Whoa!! I love the socks and that hat!! The hat is super awesome! That was a really quick project, and by the looks of it, a warm one too.

  3. I do love a snowy day, fire in the fireplace, curled up with a knitting project. Oh well. An advantage to being retired is that we didn't have to worry about cleared driveways and roads.

    Your socks and hat look great.

  4. I love the colour of your socks, and the hat is so great!

  5. Super cute hat! And neat that he had some snow to wear it for. The socks look fantastic and it's just the easy part from there! I look forward to seeing them as FOs soon.

  6. Such a pretty snow. My favorite - one that doesn't stay around for very long. :) And nice looking hat and socks, Lucy!

  7. The contrasting heel is fantastic. But, the hat!!!!!!! Love it. It looks so warm too. Stay warm.

  8. I watch Amy too and did think about getting some milk bottle in before I make next year’s pair of Christmas socks. But I think it is effective contrast with other non-Christmas colours too. Last night on a Zoom call one of the guys who is north west of where we live had huge snow drifts and his neighbour opened the front door to find a wall of 3 ft of snow, yet nothing blocking the window. We have huge flakes falling and it’s minus 5 so I’m excited for today’s walk. The hat looks fun, he’s a very innovative designer for sure.

  9. All of your projects look so very lovely.

    We got pummeled with snow over the last two weeks but I don't mind so much as I'm still working from home.