Sunday 17 October 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 16

 It has been another week of madness at work!  But I only have 4 days before the half term break, so the end is near!

I have made a little time for knitting, however, especially at the weekends as we are still doing very little then.

Firstly, I have made much progress on Daniel's Christmas jumper. 

I have now completed both front and back, and am now working on sleeve 1.

I would love to have this finished by next week, but we will see.

I have also been working on my socks and am now on the heel.  

Since these are shorties I  am now on the home stretch, so should be able to get my Christmas socks on the needles soon!

And that is pretty much it, I  have been doing little else.  I have ordered some fabric from Minerva since it was their craft club sale and I really must start some Christmas gifts soon, but I should have time to put that in next week.

I hope everyone has  lovely week 💗


  1. What a great jumper! I hope things get a bit quieter for you soon.

  2. Daniel's jumper is fascinating. Love all the design on it. The little deers are great. How nice to have your sock completed and be able to start your Christmas socks. What will you be making for gifts this year?

  3. What a great Christmas jumper! So cute. Your socks look summery so the switch to Christmas socks will be extra fun.

  4. I love that jumper! I’ve not tried colour work that is knit flat, only in the round. Looks really neat colourwork though and it’s going to be lovely when finished. Fingers crossed it will quieten down before your holiday.

  5. Daniel's jumper is gorgeous! I want one! The socks are so pretty in that yarn. I am so far behind in everything so you look mighty efficient to me!

  6. Oh I love that jumper with the reindeer hopping along. Can't wait to see it modelled if Daniel is agreeable to that.

  7. Your colourwork looks so neat and tidy. How do you manage no puckers in the areas between the raindeer?