Sunday 11 September 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 11

 I don't have much to report this week.  I  went back to work properly  (with students) this week and so had less time to knit. 

All I have done is another motif on my dress. 

And the lacy part of Tegna.

So chugging along.

I don't know what to say about the late Queen Elizabeth II.  I am sad and I will miss her being there - I think she did a lot of good for our country.  I am not sure about King Charles, so for a minute I will just say goodbye to Elizabeth and reserve judgement!

Next Sunday we will be paying our respects and will be busy all day so there is likely to be no post (I have a ridiculous week at work as well so unlikely to do much knitting).

So I hope everyone has a really good couple of weeks and I will catch up later.


  1. I remember the first weeks of school…busy, busy, busy! Hope you are able to get some relaxing time in. We did our first week of homeschool last week and I found I was able to sneak some knit time in as we used some audiobooks. The Tenga has such a pretty pattern on the edge. Jen@Carolina Tales

  2. Those two knitting projects are so pretty. The loss of the Queen also affected those of us across the pond. She was crowned the year I was born so I have never known another Queen of England. She will be missed.

  3. Your Tenga looks great. I have that pattern in my queue. Some day I'll get to it. Best wishes as the school year starts again. I do miss having kids at home and getting them to school every day.

  4. The Queen will be sorely missed. I have always admired her. Good luck in this school year and both your projects are so pretty!