Sunday 9 April 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 42

 It has been a good week. Me and Daniel spent the best part of the week with mum and dad.   It was birthday in the week, so I  took the opportunity to have a couple of afternoon teas - yes a couple.  One of my 50 things this year was to have an afternoon tea with my school friend that lives near mum and dad.   And another was to get 50 pictures with friends. 

So I was able to tick off a couple of things!

Project wise I am still making my way through Takumi. 

I am now making my way down to the ribbing.

I have also bought 6 large cushion pads with the aim of making 6 covers from my scraps which I have cut into many squares!

I have also dug out a pair of Christmas socks that I am now coming on well with - now past the heel. 

I have been making progress on Saguaro and hopefully should be finished by next week. 

We have one more week at home and have a few plans but we will see what happens over the week.

Anyhow let's see how the week pans out!  Have a good week everyone 😊 


  1. Love going for "tea" (more like treats). My son and daughter-in-law are doing an afternoon tea themed marriage celebration this fall which will be spectacular. (They didn't have anyone attend their wedding so now they are doing a small marriage celebration event.)

  2. The tea goodies look so yummy! What delicious fun. I'm glad I'm not the only one working on Christmas socks! LOL! I can't wait to see your cushion covers!

  3. Liz here…I hope your birthday was a great one, I love going for afternoon tea. Did you get any craft related birthday presents?

  4. I enjoy your 50 things. Tea sounds like a lovely thing especially with all those yummy items to choose from. Hopefully you had a splendid birthday.