Tuesday 30 May 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

 I am a bit late this week!  I considered leaving it for this week, but we at at Thruxton this coming Sunday and then I am back to work so thought I might not manage one next time.

We were at Brands Hatch this last weekend and I've been feeling under the weather, so they are my excuses for the tardiness!

I can't even say that I have been particularly productive.  I have 2 projects that I have been beavering away on and otherwise, it has been a bit of Netflix!  The Sewing Bee is back on television but with it only being once a week, I was feeling a bit lost after the series opener.  Somebody recommended Next in Fashion - a series on Netflix - it wouldn't normally be my cup of tea, as I am not up or really interested in fashion  but it has got me hooked!  I now want to make everything!  I am currently really wanting to hand sew a suit - I'm thinking a future project coming on.

At present I have been working on 2 projects - the first is finished.

This is the Kielo dress, which needs a good press, but is otherwise done.

I have also been working away on my Tegna. 

This is my second Tegna, so although I don't really like bottom up,  this one is now fine as the first is perfect and I'm using it as a guide!

I am going to cast on some socks later and I have started making some panels for another cushion cover, so hopefully, by the time I am back with a post, I should have made some nice progress.

I hope everyone has a good week - hopefully I will have cleared this infection by the next post!


  1. Kielo turned out wonderful. Your tegna is growing too. Enjoy your travels

  2. Your dress turned out great! School is out for the summer here in the US. Teachers get 10-11 wks off before school starts up again.