Wednesday 20 August 2014

WIP Wednesday

Now I have finished the test knit I have CO several little projects.  Much as I love knitting sweaters, they take me so long and when I have finished I love to do lots of little things!!  I will blog about my finished test knit but until the pattern is published I will refrain from posting finished pictures.

So without further ado...
First project is a pumpkin hat!!  I want to do some winter hats for the stall in the run up to Xmas, so Halloween is the first event - so pumpkin hats it is!!  I will go on to do some pumpkin coffee cosies.

I have, after procrastinating for over a year, finally CO a pair of socks!  Using Totally Vanilla from Socktopus as my pattern and some left over Mellifera yarn (twist sock in spruce).

And my new obsession - pom poms!!  Actually I can't really classify these as my WIP - I have got my son into it and he makes me one a day at the moment!!  I will be tidying them up but they are to become something for the stall ;-)

So that is my progress on my little projects - we are off on holiday soon so now I have to pack, but I shall be taking the pom pom  makers, socks and maybe the orange yarn - just in case!!
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  1. Those pompoms are adorable! Can't wait to see how you use them!

  2. it's always fun to start new projects.. I'm just starting hats too x

  3. I love the sound of a pumpkin hat. I can't wait to see it finished. Pompom making can be quite addictive.
    Ali xx

  4. Pom Poms always bring a smile to my face. Can't wait to see your pumpkin hats put together. You made a great, fast start.

  5. I love pompoms and love the tiny ones you make on a fork. That pumpkin hat is gorgeous, bright and cheery and will be perfect for the stall.

  6. Love the pom poms - I haven't made any for years, but now that you've reminded me of their existence I might spring them on the kids tomorrow. Should keep them occupied for an afternoon... :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of your pumpkin hat and socks!