Sunday 10 August 2014

Year of Projects - week 6

Have had a lovely productive week!!
Took the boys into London to see the dinosaur bones at the natural history museum this week and had a fabulous time - some pics are on the holiday 2014 page.
In terms of the list I have been able to cross off some items - again these are on their own page (YOP 2014/15).  I already blogged about some of these here.  But as a summary ...
I made some pj bottoms for me and some cushion covers from material my mum has been storing for years!!

 Also made some cute little hair bows for the stall.  (Still the same blurry photo!)
The item I have mainly made progress on is the test knit.  I am dying to CO lots of other things, but I really want to do this properly and finish in time, so I have to be monogamous until it is done!!

So there we go, a few things to show for a week off - can't wait to see what you are all up to!!


  1. Lot's of great projects Lucy, loving the test knit, I do like a bit of cabled knitting.

  2. Lucy, I love those pj's in pretty gingham and your top is making good progress and looking fab x

  3. The test knit is really coming along, you won't find at the rate your going it being done and you'll be free to have a bout of CO :)

  4. Oh such gorgeous cables! Aren't they addictive? I wish I had your sewing skills.

  5. It's so funny that my daughter is a teacher too and has the 2 little guys about the same size/age as yours. The museum sounds fabulous. My daughter and I poured over patterns and fabric online while she was here...there will some sewing in my future. I love your pj's....and in cute!
    What sweet little bows...I've seen them as bow ties for boys too. You could make some "clipons" for your booth..not in pink, of course! Heavens! LOL!
    Your test knit looks great but complicated in pattern. Definitely not a t.v. watching project. You're doing a beautiful job on it.
    When does your school start there? My daughter has this next week and that's it for summer vacation. Enjoy your remaining time off with your boys and your knitting!

    1. We have 3 more weeks - hurrah!! Having a great time and getting lots of knitting done!

  6. The hair bows are really cute :) Good for you for being monogamous on the test knit - that kind of dedication and self control can be soooo difficult!

  7. The test knit is so gorgeous! I wish I could knit cables.. I hope this YoP year will improve my knitting skills a bit.. The bows are really cute, will you soon give us a pic on the progress & all the goodies for the stall?

  8. That sweater really is something! I love it!!

  9. You are making great progress. I'm interested in seeing what you do with those bows. Can I come live with you across the pond so I can go to London?

  10. Fab progress, and I love the test knit. Looking great!