Sunday 23 November 2014

A Year of Projects Update - week 21

Gosh Christmas is so close!!  I usually have the cake made by half term so I can well and truly douse it!!  Anyway, I am making the cake today and have finally gotten round to ordering food for the holiday yesterday.
Am thinking a snowman/snowflake theme along these lines this year as that is what the boys are in their plays this year.

I have been quite productive on the knitting front!  I knitted another tree decoration,

a penguin coffee cosy,

I finished both cosies for my commission (just 1 more to go now), (modelled on my too small teapot and improvised cafetiere!)

another bag for the stall

and... I finished my socks!!  Yay, not perfect by any means, but they are done and they fit!  I want to start a new pair quickly so just need to find a nice pattern.


  1. Needles clacking like the fast and the fury!

  2. Wow your needles sure are smoking this week with all that finishing, well done! How cute is that christmas cake, can't wait to see some pictures of yours when done.

  3. Very productive week! Can't wait to see pictures of the cake!

  4. I'd say you were quite productive this week :)

  5. So much goodness! Your post is also truly full of holiday season mood :)

  6. I gave up but so glad to see someone else is still going strong! LOL! I didn't give up I just decided it was okay if not everything got done. I love the's beautiful! And the tea cozy and drink cozy are so pretty with the stars. You are so fast! Good going!