Sunday 2 November 2014

A Year of Projects Update

I am a bit late in posting this week because I have spent virtually the whole weekend putting up a bed for my son.  He was still in his cot and at 3 and a half we decided it was time he moved out of it!!  He has been delighted and we got him a cabin bed which is fab but has taken forever to put together and sort the room out afterwards!
Anyway to knitting - I haven't made as much progress as I thought I might.  I have made some progress on the sock - I am half way along the foot.

I have done a little on my second Raspberry tart.

And I have started another wreath.

I think that is where they will stop for a while since I have some other pressing knits coming up - 3 baby hats for 3 imminent babies!!  And I have been asked to do a couple of tea cosies for Christmas, so as soon as I have finished the wreath  will get onto these.
I have also completed a hat for me and my muslin for the wedding outfit, but I forgot to photograph them so will complete that next week.

I have updated the list and here it is:
WIP's and Deadlines
  • Christmas jumper - timetable is here - hope to finish by Christmas (2015!)
  • Myrna - FINISHED 19th July (accompanied by Delphine skirt)
  • 2 baby hats - for Thomas's teacher's twins - FINISHED 19th July
  • Raspberry tart - test knit for 24th August - FINISHED 17th August - second started
  • Wedding Outfit project - whole ensemble for 4th July 
Projects for me - knitting
  • See You There - gillaitt yarn
  • Aquae tank top - mellifera yarn
  • Spiced cocoa mitts - malabrigo rios - 2 pairs fnished
  • Take it Easy - mellifera yarn
  • Socks - will aim for two pairs - yarn from stash 1 1/2 socks done
  • Samantha
  • Hat - Odd Stripes - Finished
Projects for me and the boys - sewing
  • Pyjamas - pink gingham fabric - FINISHED 1st August - will continue to make more
  • Delphine skirt - FINISHED 12th July to accompany Myrna
  • Blouse for work - Spotty fabric in stash - Finished
  • Dress - as part of wedding outfit - muslin completed 
  • Quilted owl
Gift knitting
  • Bunny purse for Debs
  • Little Tourist Poncho for Lily - completed
  • Sun hat for Daniel
  • Ongoing swatch baby blanket - yarn bought
  • 3 baby hats
Products to develop
  • Bangles and knitted jewelry - finished
  • Small purses
  • Lavender bags - Completed - more to follow
  • Wreaths - nearly finished 4
  • Baby range - hats and socks - developed - more to follow
  • Christmas decs - completed some - more to follow
  • Pom Poms!
Techniques to learn
  • Double knitting
  • Quilting


  1. Your sock is moving along nicely and I love the colour of raspberry tart the second. I hope little man settles well into his new bed.

  2. Don't you think that toddlers go from looking huge in their cots to really small again once they get into a big bed.... I love that! I also love raspberry tart too, what a gorgeous colour! x

  3. Yay for your baby moving into his big-boy-bed! Love the color of the Raspberry Tart!!

  4. Congrats on the big boy bed! That is always a milestone for them. Your sock, rasberry tart and wreath are coming along nicely. Love all the colors you have chosen. Thankfully, newborn hats don't take much time. Having never made a tea cozy, I can't tell about them. Good progress on your list too.

  5. I remember moving my daughter to her first bed. We had to put pillows on the floor as she fell out quite a lot!

  6. Such lovely jewel toned yarns :) I've just cast on Snow Babies hat - a free pattern on Ravelry - to use up some leftovers in the stash. So cute and quick!

  7. Congratulations on the big boy bed! Your knitting's looking really good too.

  8. Everything is looking good.....the sock looks good...

  9. Ahh, big boy beds... A right of passage! Congrats!
    Isn't it amazing how we are starting to think of putting current WIPS aside to motor through Christmas ones? Crazy

  10. You are amazing! I am always really impressed with how much you get done considering all your responsibilities. I love your sock yarn! Have a great week!

  11. How fun, a new bed for your babe. These are all great colorways.