Sunday 29 November 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 22

I hope everyone that celebrates, enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  I have a nice long weekend this week as we have Monday off (and the boys are at school). I am so looking forward to it, I don't have many plans, just going for a coffee, wrapping some presents and knitting!
In the meantime, I have made progress this week and finished two items.
Firstly, Bluejay is now finished.  This was a lovely knit and fits Daniel nicely.  He wanted a yellow pompom and a yellow pompom he got!  Love this yarn too, it's Gilliatt by de rerum natura.
I also finished a test knit for Jennie Santopietro - featheround.  This was a great knit as well, quick but interesting.  I am going to give this to my son's teacher.
I have also done a little more to Rhombing around - I'm down to the single colour section of the first sleeve.  I'm hoping to progress on that this week so hopefully next week there should be a real progress shot!  And I have done another repeat on my socks, but again, at the moment not enough to show off.

We are off to see father Christmas today, so we are very excited.  To see other Year of Projects posts click here.


  1. Ha...Father exciting! Love the yellow pompom! I just picked up a green one in NYC...almost died when she gave me the amount...but I lurves it!

  2. Hope you all enjoyed Father Christmas and I love Bluejay and that yellow pompom is awesome!

  3. The Featherbound cap looks great, Lucy. Your son's teacher will surely love it. And the Bluejay looks terrific, too. How fun that your son knew what color he wanted the pom pom to be. And that you could oblige! I hope the boys enjoyed visiting Father Christmas.

  4. I am a bit envious that you have one more day off! I'll be back in the classroom tomorrow (sigh).
    I can't believe you had time for another test knit. Very cute hat!