Sunday 13 December 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 24

Gosh, another week flies by - am I ready?  Actually, I think I am!
I finished the test knit on Friday.  It was a lovely quick knit, which only used less than 50 g of dk yarn, so a great stash buster.  These will be gifted to my grandma.

I have made progress on Rhombing Around.  I am up the the striped section on the right sleeve - hopefully I should finish this sleeve by the end of the weekend then just one sleeve to go!
I have also made progress on the cuboid socks - I have turned the heel so thee should go quite quickly now.
And finally a gratuitous shot!  I don't go out very much and am not really into posting my every meal!!  But I did go out last night and this was my pudding - it was as gorgeous as it looks.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. I must not get out much because I'm not understanding the pudding picture. I've enlarged it and I see some dollops in the middle (to dip your pudding in?) Is the pudding like cakey, or pudding. Pudding I make would not hold that kind of shape. And is that whipped cream in the upper left hand corner? And did they sprinkle your fork and spoon with powdered sugar? Seems like that would be messy. Help me out here. I want to understand. lol

    1. It's chocolate fondant. I don't know if you have anything similar in America? It's a soft centered chocolate cake - the splodges were caramel and raspberry sauces and the pot is ice cream - delicious!!

  2. Oh you have been busy beavering away on lots of projects and how yummm does that dessert look!