Tuesday 22 December 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Gosh it's been busy, I can't remember the last time I posted on a Tuesday.  I had great intentions but I always forget how busy this term is.
I have been busy crafting and have done a couple of craft fairs.  Christmas knitting is all done and dusted - I have been doing a few test knits, all of which have ended up as gifts.
Featheround a test for Jennie Santopietro can be found here.
Dagda by Ruth McKeon can be found here.
And the last one hasn't been published yet but I will link when it is.

All three patterns were quick knits that were perfect for Christmas.
I am still plugging away at my Rhombing Around - but I am nearly there - just one sleeve to finish then the neckline.  I hope to finish for Christmas.
I finished my latest socks yesterday - these are Cuboid by Claire Devine. Love them and they fit perfectly - the yarn is skein queen, one that I have had in my stash for a very long time.
On that note, I was going through my sock yarn this morning and decided I have far too much!  I have enough for socks for a lifetime, especially since I have signed up for the Knitting Goddess sock club.  I also have loads of leftovers so have decided to start a blanket using mitered squares.
Are you ready for Christmas?  Our grocery delivery came this morning and much like the sock yarn I have decided we have far too much food - we have enough fruit pouches (pouches of pureed fruit that my boys are addicted to even though they are definitely not babies any more) to feed a small army.  I did some baking and found a recipe for chocolate brownie cupcakes on the good food website that was brilliant and the resulting cakes delicious.  Oh yes and some mince pies too.
I hope you all have a joyous holiday and wonderful new year.
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  1. I love the quick hat and mitts. They do look like perfect gifts.
    And it looks like Rhombing Around is almost done!

  2. Between baking and knits I think you're set up for a very Happy Christmas:)

  3. the knits look great! and what a nice problem to have...too much yarn and food :) sounds like the perfect excuse to snuggle inside and hibernate!

  4. everything is beautiful...but i love the hat most-est. it's my color you know!!! too much food, too much yarn, now where's the problem??!!

  5. ooh I love that zig-zag design on the gloves, very pretty :)