Sunday 10 January 2016

A Year of Projects Update - Week 28

Oh so I have made great progress this week despite being back at school (which wasn't too bad!)
I finished my 'elf' socks.
In all honesty, I'm a bit disappointed with these as they are a little on the small side and I dropped a stitch (something I never do) so had to mend that when I first tried them on, when finished (and therein lies the fitting problem - I should have tried them on before then).  Both my own fault - they are currently on the sock blockers in an attempt to stretch them a little.
Anyway I still love the pattern and the yarn and so when Daniel announced he wanted some socks I knew exactly which yarn I was going to make them from.
I also finished the waving lace top - I hope to get some modeled shots soon, but at the moment I love it - the yarn (Louisa Harding amitola) is heavenly and I just love looking at it and squishing it.
As a result of finishing those two I have cast on the socks above, some 'they call me spidey' mitts for Thomas and my Hitofude at last.
I also got some soap making kits for Christmas so I am going to make a foray into that, possibly this afternoon.
So there we are, that's me for a while!  To see what the others are up to click here.


  1. Oh you have been making some great progress and yes the back to school wasn't quite as bad here either, I think a part week helped. What a pity about the socks, perhaps they will make a gift for someone? Looking forward to seeing the modelled shots that yarn looks very squishable. Must ask where you got the sock blockers? I've to get a set and want to see if I can get some from as close to home as possible.

  2. That's a lot of projects on the go! Sorry to hear about the socks. Sounds very frustrating!

    Soap making sounds fun! We've been trying our hands at Beeswax and Coconut oil candles around here. Lots of work and lots of clean up for just a couple of candles .... I hope they burn well and smell great!

  3. I hope you'll write about your soap making. I've wanted to give this a go for some time, but from scratch it all looks so time intensive - and something less than a sure thing (in terms of the finished project). A kit might be a great introduction. Let us know how it goes.

  4. Yes, do let us know about your soap-making.
    I'm glad your first week back went well!

  5. Those socks look lovely. I always have issues fitting socks so rarely make them. This past weekend a sock-a-holic at my LYS gave me some tips, so I am going to try another pair and see how it goes. Going to wait for the February sock KAL so they count for something thought to give me more motivation. :)

  6. You've been busy. How irritating about the dropped stitch, hope they block out a bit bigger