Sunday 24 January 2016

A Year of Projects Update - Week 30

We have had a busy week!  It was Thomas's birthday party yesterday and it went down a storm!  I hired the school hall and we had a go kart party - here he is in action.
So what with making cakes and sandwiches I haven't had that much time this week.  However I did find time this morning to organise my WIP's.
From the top  I have started a first wash cloth to go with my soap.  Lots of people asked about the soap, when I have made the other type, I will write a post.  So far I have made the melt and pour type that was particularly easy, and I will move to the more complicated type next week.  I'm intending to give everyone home made soap and cloths as gifts this year so I am starting early!
The glove is the first of the spiderman mitts.  Having done the thumb hole wrong last week, I soon realised they were going to be far too small for either Thomas or Daniel.  Last week whilst reading a fellow YOPper's post I was thinking there was no way I would attempt cutting into my knitting in the form of an afterthought heel that I hadn't planned before.  However, when I realised the mitt wouldn't fit, I decided this was a way to do it - so I picked up the stitches either side of where I wanted the thumb hole and cut my knitting!  And it worked - I now have a finished mitt that fits Daniel - I now have to build myself up to knit the second one.
Then on the far right is my Vianne - much as I like it I have never worn it as it is too short, so I have found the rest of the yarn and I am going to attempt picking up stitches and continuing the ribbing for a few more inches.
The last two are the start of my Whitby socks - the first installment of my Yorkshire sock club from the Knitting Goddess and my Hitofude, that I am enjoying a lot but feel may take me a lot of time!!

Lastly, it's been a while since I have done any sewing so I cut out the fabric for some pyjama bottoms that I have been meaning to do for a while and a dress - I will, hopefully get to sewing them next weekend.
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  1. What a fun birthday party! And Lucy I hope you blog about your soap-making adventures. I keep wanting to do this, but never actually do. I would love to be inspired by you.

  2. HURRAY! You cut your knitting and it all worked out fine! I think we'd better meet for a drink and toast to that (if we weren't continents apart that is). I'd have felt terrible if it had ended in disaster ... and it was my fault for giving you the idea. The first time I snipped I was nervous but after Fronkenshteek socks I feel pretty chill about it :)

  3. Cutting my yarn still scares me. I might learn to do it someday....but today is not that day :)

  4. Go Kart party sounds great fun! You've got some lovely looking projects there :)

  5. I miss kids' birthday parties. They are so much fun. Doing go-carts is a great idea.
    I can't wait to hear more about soap-making. It seems like such a fun and useful craft.