Sunday 14 February 2016

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

Yay we made it to half term!  On the bad side I have been struck down with the lurgy the last three days and then last night I was up most of the night with Thomas.  Hopefully, we will get it out of our system and will enjoy the rest of the week!
I have finished a few things this week - the sunhat for the stall, the spidey mitts and vianne.
Now Daniel has worn the spidey mitts every day and now has left them at his after school club and I haven't taken any photos!  So we will retrieve them when we go back to school next week and take photos then.
I have completed my modification of Vianne and now I am pleased to report that I will wear it now and the colour difference isn't noticable in real life unlike the photo!  Next time I decide that I will try a cropped top stop me!
I am still making progress on Hitofude and my sock club socks, and by next week I hope to have some progress photos.
Since we are feeling under the weather today I hope to do lots of knitting today and indulge my latest obsession of podcasts.  I hadn't seen or heard one before this week but now I have been converted a sit means that I can knit and listen and the boys can do their own thing.
If I feel up to it later I may finally get round to doing the soap I have been looking forward to doing.  I don't think I will get to the sewing today but I'm sure I will in the week.
I have signed up for another KAL with Katya Frankel.  I am going to knit Bracken in some of my stash Mellifera yarn.  
On that note, I have been doing very well using my stash - I have not bought any new yarn since December.  However, in chatting in the Anything Goes KAL thread I noticed someone had some yarn from Coldharbour mill which is about 5 miles from my mum and dad, I looked it up to find they are still trading and sell their own spun yarn.  So when I go to visit mum and dad at Easter I shall be taking a visit to the mill!!  It will be my birthday so I will be allowed to treat myself!
Anyway back to the knitting!  To see what the others are doing click here.


  1. The sweater looks great. I'm terrible about picking patterns that would suit me - it's so helpful to see finished projects on Ravelry that are modelled on a variety of body shapes!

    If Daniel is wearing the mitts every day, then that's the biggest sign of success, so well done! Kids are usually quite particular so it's lovely that he'll get good use of them.

  2. Your cardigan looks lovely :)

  3. I have never before heard the term lurgy, and though it was kind of obvious from the context, I had to look it up. I hope you're all feeling better soon and can fully enjoy your break.

    The sweater is beautiful and yay for Daniel enjoying wearing the spidey mitts so much.

  4. That sweater is amazing. It is a gorgeous design and it fits you perfectly. That's talent! I don't see any difference in the yarn, so I bet no one else does either!

  5. Vianne looks great Lucy! Well done on the modifications and it makes it now a useable sweater for you, gorgeous one and all! Looking forward to seeing the spidey mitts and wearing them daily is a great seal of approval. Hope you and the boys feel better and can enjoy the rest of the mid-term break.

  6. Your top is beautiful! I hope you all feel back to normal soon!