Tuesday 16 February 2016

Yarn Along - What's on my needles?

I have lots of WIP's this week, which, hopefully, I will make inroads into this week.
Firstly I have my Hitofude - which is still on the arm section but is coming along and I am nearly done with this bit.
Then my sock club socks - Whitby, I have just started the chart, so hopefully, they will seem to progress faster now.
I made Daniel some spidey mitts last week which he loves but has left at after school club, so no pictures.  Thomas then wanted some, but just plain ones - I have finished one bar the thumb and now making progress on the second.
I am finally making Daniel his sunhat and hopefully, it will be finished by summer when we are sure to have lots of sun ;-).
And finally, what am I reading?  Well nothing high brow I'm afraid, but I took possession of this book on Monday and am looking forward to making my way through the patterns.
I had seen a pattern from Rachel Coopey and found that it was from this book.  It is as described socks knitted from top down, toe up and other ways and each has something novel about it.  I am very excited about this book, I have knitted a number of socks over the past year and really enjoy doing it, but now I feel I can branch out and try some new techniques.  I want to try the Mirror socks, Bertha, Cleave, Cumulus, Crossfade, U turn, Smokey Zick Zacks, Seedbeds and square socks (which is pretty much most of them).  But first I really want to try Mitered triangles by Kathryn Alexander.  I have been thinking about what will make up my Year of Projects for next year and I think this book may form the basis of it.
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  1. Oh I love the colour of your socks - what a fabulously bright colour to bring warmth to the winter!

    1. Oh they are aren't they - just a bit of gingerbread - gloriously happy!

  2. I admire you adventurous sock knitters. I've been knitting socks for years, but I tend to stay with cuff-down, slip-stitch heel. I guess it's my comfort knitting.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of your Whitby socks, gorgeous coloured yarn you're using