Sunday 4 June 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 49

Despite all that is going on in the world, we have had a lovely week.  Me and the boys went camping for 3 days down to the seaside city of Brighton.  We walked to the marina on the first day after we had set up camp to have some tea.  And on the second day we got a bus to the city centre.  We had such a nice time I really don't want to return to work, but I have to bear in mind there are only 7 weeks left before the summer holidays and I am lucky to have a job that allows us to do these sorts of things.
I only have wip's this week, but they are all coming along nicely.
I have moved Thomas's socks onto a circular needle together with a pair of gift socks that are the same size. I am just turning the heel on all four.
I can't remember what yarn the stripey is but the blue is from West Yorkshire Spinners.
I have cast on my June socks.  These will be done one at a time and are from the sock blank from Stranded dyeworks in flamingo legs.
And my third and final wip is Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki.
I have got to the end of the short rows and now am ready to do some stockinette!  The yarn is mainly by Travel Knitter with a contrast that I dyed myself
I did have some acquisitions this week - I got some yarn for Christmas jumpers from John Arbon Textiles, but I will show you when I have it ready.
Hope you have had a good week, happy crafting and stay safe.


  1. Those big wide stripes are awesome! And I don't know why but the colourway strikes me as "Harry Potter" ish ;)

  2. Good for you out camping with your boys! 4 at a time socks? You are amazing! Love the Flamingo legs yarn...not sure what I like better, the yarn or the name? LOL! Your Breathing Space is really coming along and it is gorgeous. I am ordering yarn to dye today and can't wait. Yours has turned out so lovely.
    My daughter is on her last week of school for the Summer. The kids were finished last week but she has meetings and wrapping up and cleaning up the classrooms as she teaches art at 2 different schools. It will go fast but I'm sure you will be very busy! Have a great week!

  3. It's interesting to consider the different school and school vacation schedules we have. I looked at the calendar and realized that in seven weeks school children here would consider their summer vacation more than half over. And the kiddos here (in central Indiana) would be returning to school a few short weeks after that. I love that you share some of what you and your boys do together. I admire you for going camping (alone, I presume) with them. Great memories you are making for them. For you all. I enjoy seeing the progress on your Breathing Space. It's just beautiful!

  4. The flamingo legs yarn is great. I loved camping with my children when they were young. I still love camping with my dh, but those trips when the kids were little were awesome.