Sunday 11 June 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 50

The end of the year is definitely looming - the YOP year that is!
We are all back to school here for the last half term and the weather this week has been very strange, even for the UK.  We had torrential rain to start the week and now this end of the week has been glorious sunshine again - still - not complaining.
I have no FO's this week again, but  much progress has again been made on my WIP's.
My gift socks and Thomas's socks are the furthest along.  I have turned the heel and am now on the ribbing - I hope these will be done in the near future.
My Breathing space is also coming along nicely, I am on the endless stripes, but it is good fun.
And finally, my flamingo legs socks are coming along from the sock blank.  I am doing these one at a time as they are from a sock blank.  The pattern is Hermiones everyday socks.
You can also see in this photo my latest acquisition.  I won a prize!  I won the May Harry Potter KAL prize with Inside Number 23 with my Dobbies Hidden Socks.  The yarn is beautiful (from Sinister Yarns), and I've no doubt, will be a pair of socks themselves soon.

Actually just realised I do have an FO!  The test knit I completed the other week has been released - it is My Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth by Knitterarium.  They are fabulous and I see more of these in my future.


  1. I am just amazed that you do 4 socks at a time. How do you keep the yarn from being all twisted up? Your prize yarn is lovely and will be a great item on someones toes. I loved the test knit also and am just about finished. Vacation got in my way of completing sock 2.

  2. Love the Elizabeth socks! I'm hoping to catch up on my WIPs once school finishes this Friday....

  3. Love your Elizabeth socks. I'm so glad you linked to them as I followed the links to finally get to Ruth's (knitterarium's) podcast. I have completely lost track of Ruth and miss her as a Yopper, so I took the opportunity to subscribe to her podcasts. Congrats on the win of such lovely yarn from Sinister Yarns. Lucky you! :)

  4. Four at a time??? You are a sock goddess!