Sunday 4 March 2018

A Year of Projects Update - Week 36

It's been a bit of a week here!  On and off snow all week, enough for snowballs, but no snow day!
I have an FO this week and two cast ons.  I wanted more, but have refrained.
FO is my Christmas socks.  These are an improvised pattern and Little French Meadow yarn.
As a result I have cast on my Helen Stewart socks.
I'm using my Knitting Goddess yarn that I was using for my pumpkin spice mitts.
I have made some progress on Thomas's jumper, and some progress on my Zinone.

I have also made a little progress on my garland socks.
I recieved my copy of interpretations 5 yesterday.  And if I didn't want to cast everything on before, I now definitely do.  I have wound up lots of yarn in preparation.

I have cast on Reflection by Veera Valimaki out of my Riverknits yarn, which I am now having trouble putting down.  Also in the pile of yarn is my Stranded dyeworks yarn which I will be casting on Quiet stars by Joji Locatelli with.

I must finish my Zinone before I cast on Quiet Stars and I want to finish the garland socks before I cast on some socks for Thomas (that is the orange and black yarn in the picture).  Let's see what next week brings!  Have a great one.


  1. Beautiful projects. And so much magic looping. I have only done a little bit of this and need to try more. I love the idea of doing two socks at once!

  2. I lost myself for a bit looking for and then through the Interpretations online look-books. What a neat concept for a book, and what wonderful projects and pictures.

    As for what you have in the works... so many beautiful projects, so many beautiful yarns. :)

  3. Zinone looks so pretty! Oh and all that yummy yarn... makes one want to cast on al things!

  4. Zinone is quite lovely. Reflection looks like it will be squishy. Love the way the colors are coming out.

    Lots of yummy socks and bitty socks too. You have a lot going and yet it all gets plenty of love each week.

  5. Your Zinone just gets prettier and prettier. Love the pumpkin spice yarn and your other yarns are gorgeous! Reflection is looking so lovely and does look addicting. It is all so tempting! We do a good job of enabling each other! LOL!

  6. P.S. Love those Christmas socks too...they are SO Christmassy!

  7. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


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