Sunday 25 March 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

This will be a short one this week.  The cold I had last week turned out to be flu and me and Thomas have spent the week feeling very sorry for ourselves and lounging around the house.  I seemed to do lots of knitting, but made little progress.  I was also able to do lots of dream knitting and online shopping. 
I think I will start with that.  I was watching Joji's journals the other week and she showed a cardi she had designed for the Curious handmade retreat.  I am now in love with it.  Joji made it with 2 strands of laceweight held together and so I have bought some Blacker BFL laceweight from Brityarn who are closing down so have the yarn on sale.  I am going to make up the second strand with some drift from Amy Florence of Stranded Dyeworks but I am gong to wait for the pattern to be released so I can see how much I need - Joji said May!
I have been working away at Reflection.
And have finished the penultimate ball of yarn on Zinone.
And I have turned the heel on the Winter Rose socks.
Next week is Easter and we have some holiday coming up so I am hoping to finish some if not all, of these.
Now I am going to rest up some more - have a great week.


  1. Sorry to read you have been unwell. Get well soon. I hope you get plenty of knitting time xxx

  2. Hope you feel better...and you did more than me!

  3. I didn't know about Joji's journal. Looks like perfect viewing for knitting!
    Doesn't Winter Rose just fly off the needles? I'm thinking about casting on a second pair.

  4. Boo to the flu! Hopefully you will all be fine for Easter.

    Lovely shawl and sweater. I love it when I turn the heel of a sock. Makes me feel so smart and accomplished LOL

  5. I hope you and Thomas get to feeling better soon, Lucy! Your Winter Rose sock looks beautiful and your Zinone and Reflection look amazing. I look forward to seeing the cardigan you plan to make with your new yarn. Going to check out Joji's Journal!

  6. Feel better soon!
    I always feel like once I've turned the heel that the finish line is in sight!

  7. Take good care of yourself....the flu is nothing to mess around with! Love your shawl colors and love Joji's designs. The sock is so pretty and you are almost done. Take care and I hope you are both well soon!

  8. It has been a very bad year for the flu, sorry it caught up to you guys! Hope you are well on the way to recovery and finishes. I'm working on a cardigan too, for way too long. You have encouraged me to get it back out and get moving on it. Those Winter Rose socks are stunning, the texture and the color is wonderful.

  9. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !