Tuesday 14 August 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 7

I am somewhat late again this week.  Not to worry.
I have been making steady progress on my three main projects.
My All the Love by Joji has been coming along nicely.  I have joined for the body and am now making my way downwards.
The four panels are not cables as they look, they are actually a lace pattern that is lovely and easy to memorise.
My cables down the back socks (also by Joji) are doing very well.  I have altered them to be knit toe up.  I started the cables as written in the pattern but with a fish lips kiss heel, but the heel then turned out to be too tight.  So I ripped back and added some stitches and reworked the cables to be running the right way round, and now they fit perfectly.
I also started running out of the yellow yarn so I have decided to stripe them with the pink.
My mitten is also coming along beautifully.  I love the look of the marlisle but it is taking some time - such is life!  I checked out my dad's hands and have decided these will not be for him as they will not be big enough.  I will knit him some coffee mitts after mine.
I also started to knit some slippers - the simple garter stitch slippers which is a free pattern.  It also uses two strands of fingering weight yarn held together so is a brilliant stash buster.  I have chosen a slightly rustic yarn from the Knitting Goddess held with a gorgeously soft yarn from Hedgehog fibres.
On the sewing front, I cut the fabric to make a third Cleo dress - this time from a cream linen.  I may put that together today.

We are going to have a quiet week this week before packing up to travel to Cornwall for a week.  Last week we were with my mum and dad and had a great week visiting the beech, a zoo and going stock car racing. 

We may make it to Brighton on Wednesday - we want to visit the Harry Potter shop and possibly YAK (which is my LYS).

Anyway, hopefully I will post on time next week - to see what the rest of the group have been up to please visit the link in the sidebar.


  1. Love the texture in the mitts - I bet your Dad is sorry they don't fit!

    All the Love looks great too. I'm always super impressed by your garments. You seem to knock out one after another, fitting and flattering. That's quite a skill!

  2. Your All My Love is coming along quite nicely. I really like the colors you have put together for your socks. Very cherry. Too bad about the mittens for you dad but hooray for you! The are a lovely pattern. Those slippers do sound like the perfect stash buster. And another Cleo ready for the stitching. You certainly do manage to get quite a bit done each week. You travels sound splendid. The boys look like they are enjoying each moment.

  3. Ohhhh All My Love is looking pretty! and what a shame the mitts don't fit your Dad, have you someone now to gift them too? It looks and sounds like you are all having some great summer adventures.

  4. Love the colour of your All My Love Sweater, it is so pretty. The mittens look so cosy too, I am sure you will fond a home for them.

  5. You are having a productive knitting time. I love Joji's patterns. And she is so adorable.
    I cant believe you are on your third Cleo dress! That is impressive.

  6. I love your All My Love! Those lace sections are really pretty. Enjoy your travels!

  7. All looks great, I have downloaded the pattern for fish lips kiss heels but not tried it yet.

  8. I have no idea how you do it all but I love all you do! Your sweater is turning out so pretty and the color is really scrumptious! The socks will be be awesome in that pattern and those colors. The mitts are wonderful and I love color work but haven't attempted any yet. Sounds like you are having a great time with your family! Enjoy!