Sunday 19 August 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 8

We are nearly at the end of the holiday.  We are off to Cornwall as a four next week!
As I have quite a lot that I have done this week I thought I'd get in a quick update but may not be able to next week.
I have plural!
I finished the cables down the back socks by Joji.  I made a few mods to this pattern, namely I did it toe up as is my preference these days.  As a result I changed the heel to a fish lips and modified the cables to go the other way and fit a short row heel.  I also would have run out of yarn so decided to stripe so as to finish up both skeins.
I like them a lot!
I also finished the simple slippers.  I may finish off the tops but that will be in a week or so.
I also have a HO - well sort of.  I have 'finished' one mitten.  I say finished - it does not have the ends weaved in and it lacks a thumb but I am counting it as a HO (half finished object).

I still have my All the Love - I will be taking that with me so hope that this will be early done on my return. 
I have also started a scarf for Daniel.  We are into Harry Potter at the moment so he wants a house scarf.  He is in Hufflepuff with me.
That is about it for a minute .  We went to Brighton in the week to visit the Harry Potter shop.  We picked up some fridge magnets and it wouldn't have been a trip to Brighton without a trip to YAK.  I picked up a couple of skeins!


  1. You've had a great week with finishing. I love how your socks turned out Lucy, the stripes just seem to add to it. I hope you enjoy your trip to Cornwall and what remains of the holidays.

  2. Love the magnets - I can't wait to visit a shop like that one day.
    Your striped socks turned out great. And that mitt looks so complicated - well done you.

  3. I love all your projects, Lucy. The FOs and the HOs. Cool magnets and beautiful yarns you've recently acquired! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  4. I love your mods to the socks! Adding stripes, especially wide stripes, doesn’t really distract too much from the pattern, does it?!

    My brother would love those HP magnets... i’m Off to investigate further!

  5. The socks are great. Love cables and to have them on a sock is a plus in my book. The mitten is charming even without a thumb.

    The Harry Potter adventure sounds like fun. One of my grands is very much into HP too.

  6. Ah the Harry Potter Shop! I am so jealous.. I am not sure I'd want to know my house..
    I love the Cabled socks, and you reworked the pattern to suit you, that's quite a talent you have there. I played a bit of yarn chicken this week also, but adding a stripe wouldn't have worked and I had to venture out for another skein. They look really great, stripe and all.
    And the mitt, is very cute even if it is a HO, it's progress right?! The pattern is very distinctive, it's times like this that have me wishing that we had more of a winter, but only so I could wear cute mitts.

  7. Those socks couldn't have turned out prettier! Love the slippers too. The HP magnets are awesome and you new yarns delectable! Enjoy your last few days off! P.S. The mittens are awesome too.

  8. Love the socks and slippers, and the mittens are going to be gorgeous. We're Harry Potter fans around here too, so I'm just a bit jealous of your trip to a HP Shop! Nothing like that around here.