Sunday 2 September 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 10

I didn't get round to a post last week, but should be back on track now.  I don't have a whole load of progress to report however, for two weeks work!

I am still chugging away on All the Love.  I am at the bottom ribbing now so should be on the home straight now.

I have also put in a few rows on the Hufflepuff scarf
And the shortie socks, but I still have some way to go on these.
Despite having all of these still going I decided to cast on some new things this week, since there were some KAL's starting on the 1st.
I cast on Rugged coat by Joji Locatelli for her fall KAL.
And I cast on Ess by Anna Maltz from the Marlisle book to join Katie at Inside Number 23.
I have only just cast on both of these to say I have cast on - I want to finish All the Love before I put too much into Rugged Coat particularly.

We are back to school this next week so my knitting time will suffer but hopefully I will still get on with most things.

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. It's hard to believe we are at the end of the Summer holidays already Lucy isn't it! I love the detailing on your All the Love and I@m looking forward to seeing more of the new starts.

  2. The Rugged Coat is lovely. Can't wait to see yours in the color you have chosen. The ess shawl looks interesting. Does it self fringe or do you need to add that at the end?

  3. All the Love is nearly there! Do you have fall weather yet? We’re in another heat wave so I can’t imagine knitting or trying on a sweater, never mind a coat!

  4. Your All the Love is just beautiful, Lucy. And I look forward to watching your new starts grow!

  5. Do you find you feel guilty about the WIPs you aren’t working on...I was doing some more hitchhiker scarf knitting and felt bad I was ignoring my cardigan!! I can’t imagine more than two WIPs on the go, but I suppose you could have them dotted around the house or car to always have something handy to knit. Love the All the Love details

  6. Love All the Love! I have a thing for cables and those are some gorgeous ones. I love the Ess and it sounds very interesting. I also really like rugged but are there no closures? I guess if I were going to make a coat I would want closures of some kind but that's just me. Which Hufflepuff pattern are you making? There are several out there and I thought I might make one for my SIL for Christmas...the colors are the same as for The Iowa Hawkeyes football team here in the states that we love! LOL! Enjoy you new castons!

  7. All the Love looks great, what a beautiful colour too. And I think a lot of us are in the same boat with not having done much - must be that end of the summer feeling...

  8. Your hufflepuff scarf and my latest socks are the same colourway!