Sunday 16 September 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 12

And so, I missed another week!  We went to the racing at Goodwood and I just ran out of time.

I have various things to report though.
I finished All the Love last week.  I knit it from Treskellion yarn which is gorgeous.  I used every last bit of it and it means that the sleeves are a little tight at the moment, but I'm hoping a block may improve that.  I have worn it all day today and it is lovely all the same, if I say so myself.
I have put in some work on my Hufflepuff scarf.
And made progress on the Ess shawl.  Each row on this takes ages at the moment, but every row decreases, so I'm looking forward to the shorter rows!
Someone asked about the tassels the other day.  The Ess shawl is clever in that it is knit in the round and then at the end is steeked and the steek stiches make up the tassels - I am looking forward to this moment of magic!
I have also made some inroads to Rugged Coat by Joji Locatelli.
And last but by no means least, I have made progress on my latest shortie socks.
I have also lost all willpower this week and purchased some yarn from Homespun Wonders for my new year socks, some Christmas yarn (Naughty List) from Amy at Stranded Dueworks and I bought the Flower Power fund yarn from Eden Cottage Yarn from her second batch produced.
On the whole it has a planned use so I don't feel too bad.  I will share photos in the coming weeks.
Hope everyone has a great week.  To catch up with the others click the link on the right.


  1. The sweater is lovely - the colour and the fit.

  2. What a pretty sweater! And you are making great progress on everything else!

  3. Knitting in the round and steering- what a great plan for construction! Looking forward to seeing that part!

    All the Love looks great - and how wonderful that your weather suits wearing it straight away!

  4. That does sound like some sort of magic with the Ess Shawl. Looking forward to seeing the end result. And your All the Love Sweater! It's beautiful, Lucy. And so perfectly knit.

  5. It turned out so pretty on you! Beautiful job and I love all your other projects too. I love Eden Cottage yarn...I've never had any but her Beatrix Potter yarns had me swooning! Lucky you! Enjoy your projects.

  6. Oh, I love the idea of that steeked shawl with tassels! I think I will have to add "try steeking for the first time" to my Year of Products list, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. So glad you have an FO! And it is very lovely. You other WIP's are quite nice. The thought of steeking is so scary for me. It seems very unnatural for a knit item to be cut.