Sunday 28 October 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 18

We have had a lovely week this week.  Nice and relaxed which was just what we needed.
Me and Daniel had fun making bath bombes this week.  They are very easy and there are lots of tutorials online.  You mix bicarbonate of soda and citric acid and then add your colour and fragrance and just enough water to make it stick together.
I also made some handwarmers this week.  Again very easy with lots of tutorials - I found mine from pinterest.  I made very small ones 10cm by 6cm lined with batting and with some rice inside them.  They take 5 seconds in the microwave and warm your hands!  I made loads!
I also made cakes - gingerbread and orange muffins. I will be making more gingerbread this afternoon as that has obviously gone.
On the knitting front, I made lots of progress with Rugged coat, but it is designed to be quite large so I still have a way to go.
I also made lots of progress on my Strictly socks.  I did hope to finish last night but I still have a little more leg and cuff to go.
I also made progress with my second Delftig mitts from Marlisle - I will save that picture to next week.  Instead I will leave you with photos of our week.


  1. Those handwarmers are so cute and such a great idea Lucy, I'm going to add those to my to make list. Great progress on Rugged, it's really after growing lot s this week. The muffins and pictures from this week look like you all had lots of fun and that's what mid terms are about!

  2. Bath bombs and hand warmers are such great gift ideas! The muffins look very yummy. Evidently your gingerbread was a hit.

    you have made great progress on the coat and the socks. Looking forward to seeing the mittens you are doing.

  3. Wow - you have been really industrious, Lucy. And having fun too! You have some wonderful gifts made. I look forward to seeing your mittens next week!

  4. I love the colour of your Rugged. It is going to be so cozy.

  5. Ohhhh, those muffins look delicious! I would love today! And I also love your rugged coat, great colour that is!

  6. Thanks for such great ideas for simple and quick practical gifts! I love your Rugged coat and I need to try 2 at a time of these days. So glad you had a nice week with your boys.

  7. Rugged looks big and heavy. It’s going to be fabulous but I don’t envy you that weight on your needles!

    Love those little hanwarmers. I made Gavin one of those microwave bean Hecht thing-ys and that was enough to exhaust my enthusiasm for sewing!