Monday 26 November 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 22

The weeks are flying by, I can't really believe that just next week we will be getting ready for the festivities of Christmas.
I have made progress this week on most of my projects but have no finished objects.
I have cast off the body of Rugged coat and have done the pocket linings. 
So just sleeves to go.  I want nice long sleeves so these may take a while!
I have made some progress on the strictly socks, although not as much as I would like. 

I finished the first of the mitts for mum and dad.  And I have cast on number two of both.  Hopefully these will be done by next week.
I have a new cast on.  I was going to knit Thomas a pair of gloves but having done the cuff we realised they are too small.  So I gave in and bought him a pair and these will become a pair for Daniel instead!
 Hard to believe there is only 3 and a half weeks until we break up.  It's a bit of a blur of mock exams and Christmas performances and so will rocket by.  I hope everybody has a brilliant week, please come by the group and check out everyone's posts - link is to the side.


  1. Well done on getting the rugged body cast off and the pockets done. Only the sleeves left doesn't make it seem so daunting even if they are long! I love the yarn for what is now Daniels gloves, very autumnal. I'm trying not to think how quick the next few weeks are going to go. I really need to get more organised!

  2. Wow - I've admired the cables in your Rugged Coat when I've seen the smaller pictures, but seeing what you've got done hanging I can see that that is a truly beautiful sweater!

  3. Your Rugged Coat is going to be so warm and toasty when you are done with it and you're almost done! Love the yarn for those gloves. It's a busy time for teachers and students and parents! LOL! Stay grounded and!

  4. Love the color of the mitts. Daniel is lucky they were too litte for his brother! That Rugged Coat is smashing. It will keep you nice and toasty this winter.