Sunday 9 December 2018

A Year of Projects Update- Week 24

Oh wow, where is the time going?  I completely missed last week after saying I was going to change my ways!  This week I am up early and am determined to post before we go to see Father Christmas.

I have some finished objects this week!
I finished the mitts for mum and dad.  These are from the latest Knitvent collection from Helen Stewart.

I used some Rowan that I had in stash for dads mitts and some Eden Cottage for mums.

I also finished some fingerless gloves for Daniel.  These are knit is some yarn from The Knitting Goddess in the colourway Tiger feet.
I am pleased to say, he loves them and has worn them ever since I finished them.
The final FO is also mitts.  These are Delftig by Anna Maltz and are for me.
They are from the Marlisle book and I have knit them in some natural coloured local wool and some laceweight Garthenor.
I have been knitting away at Rugged coat and have now nearly completed one sleeve and hope to be nearly finished next week. 
I have also been plugging away at my Christmas Strictly socks.  I shall try to make progress this week as next week is the final and it would be nice to finish them then.
I put up my advent garland - unfortunately I only got as far as 8 little socks.  But that is ok, I am rotating the packages, so as soon as I open one I replace with the next one.  Next year I hope to get most finished.
 And finally, I made some pom poms with faux fur.  I followed the recipe here.
I am going to use these as parts of presents as Christmas tree decs and keyrings.
And that's me done.  Have a lovely week and lets see if I can keep this up!


  1. I now have the song lyrics ‘that’s neat that’s neat I really love those tiger feet’ in my head 😀. It’s great he loves them. The mittens you’ve made for yourself are lovely. I like the fact the two sides are totally different, but go well together. May have to add to my list next year.

  2. All the mitts are gorgeous Lucy but I do think the Tiger Feet pair for Daniel just steel the show!

  3. Lots of FO's, Lucy. The mitts for your parents are very nice but the ones fir Daniel are so much more fun. Your mitts look very warm and toasty. Pom poms out of fake fur are cute. Were they a pain to make?

  4. Oh, I love all your mittens! But the "Tiger paws" are especially nice, no wonder he doese not want to take them off!

  5. Those are lovely mitts. I especially like the mittens you made for yourself. Daniel looks adorable with his pair.

  6. All your gloves and mitts are terrific, Lucy. Daniel's Tiger paw gloves look good on him! He LOOKS like he likes them. :)

  7. You are ahead of the game it not so much! LOL! I love the tiger fingerless cute and glad your son loves them too. You mitts you made for gifts are so nice and I am not giving up on making some myself. I think "gift" pressure is not good for me to try something new. Your mittens are beautiful. You do such a good job on everything. Have a great week!

  8. You are a mitten knitting goddess!