Sunday 30 December 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

I so hope everyone had a lovely Christmas where it is celebrated.  Ours was lovely and we are now enjoying twixmas (I have never used this term myself but have seen it all over the place this year!) by spending some time relaxing.
I have done some sorting out his week - checking my project bags and seeing where I am with WIPs.  I have not attempted looking at my stash, but maybe I should...  ETA - I now have and sorted my wool into piles of: keep, give away and throw.  I managed to free up some space for material as well as I have quite a stash of that as well.
I have one FO this week, and that is the advent socks using the advent minis from Little French Meadow.
I have two WIP's that I would like to finish soon - one is a scarf and one a headscarf.  I am going to pick these back up this week and see if I can get them off the needles.  This is the headscarf which is very close to completion now.
I have also started Julgrun this week with my West Yorkshire spinners aran.
Because it is worsted weight it is knitting up really quickly.
I have also cast on a pair of socks with my yarn that I got from Little French Meadow from their advent calendar.  It is beautiful, I am loosely following the hazelnut socks by Helen Stewart as part of her sock society.  I say loosely as I am doing them toe up and I will not be doing the heel suggested and I probably won't switch the pattern round - I will just do it upside down and call it baubles!
I also received a fabulous package from Eden Cottage Yarn.  In it was this yarn and the beautiful project bag that I am using for the socks.
And that is all of my knitting projects this week.
I have a pile of fabric on the table with some more arriving today.  I want to run up a Coco, an Arielle, some PJ bottoms and couple of tops by the time we return to school  We will see.
I have also been thinking about what projects I want to have for next Christmas!  I know it is early but I always run out of time.  I think bath bombes could be a strong contender again, but I am also thinking about making candles.  I have a million mugs that we never use, so I am going to get the materials and make loads for next year.
So there you have it, my twixmas thoughts and making.
Have a great week.


  1. Will you be making candles in the mugs? This seems like a good idea for using odd mugs which I have lots of. I’ve not heard of Twixmas before!

  2. I love how the advent socks turned out! I wasn't so sure about them up to now, but seeing them finished and together, my mind is completely changed! That's great progress on Julgrun already, the worsted makes a great difference. Oh my word the yarn and the bag....Lucy they are just gorgeous!!!

  3. You have made great progress on your jumper. A lovely color too. Congrats on the FO of the socks. The stripes are great! Your acquisitions from Eden Cottage are gorgeous too. Happy New Year!

  4. So organized! At least compared to me. I tend to knit whatever I'm in the mood for. It's not a good system. I have a ridiculous number of UFOs.

    I've tried doing socks toe-up and can't catch on. It looks so wonderful to knit the pair at once!

  5. Your advent socks looks great, Lucy - and perfectly matched! I look forward to seeing your two scarves finished. And great going on your jumper you just started last week!

  6. Ilike 'twixmas'...I always enjoy that time. Love your advent socks. I went to Little French Meadow but she was 'sold out' like many of the indie dyers and most are taking vacation now. I ordered some sock yarn from Knit Picks. What is that scarf pattern? I love the pattern and the pretty! I am making my plans for the year and Christmas too. I was going to make candles this past Christmas but never got around to it but this year for sure along with lip balms and more bath bombs...they were a great hit plus the scrubbies are a quick you crochet? They probably have a knit pattern too. I need to go through yarn also and now that I have a stash..I need to pare it down! LOL! I want to replace it with better yarn if I can afford it. Sewing is also on the agenda...great minds think alike! I need to check out Eden Cottage as I love her yarn and she always has some. Those socks in that yarn are lovely. Happy New Year!!! Enjoy your Twixmas!

  7. Love your advent socks. I have a bit of left over yarn and I think I will knit up some baby socks following your lead. Doesn't it feel great to honestly sort ones stash into keep and get rid of?