Sunday 10 May 2020

A Year of Projects Update - Week 45

Wow - another week has gone by.   This week seems to have been more organised, but still not sure I have much to show for it.
My Stonecrop is coming along nicely and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't finished next week.   No photos as it looks very similar to last week.
I have swatched...
I know - I never swatch.  But I want a skirt, and I want it to fit.  I'm going to make up a pattern, so a swatch was necessary.
The yarn is BFL from Travelknitter in the uluru colourway.
And that is that.  I am going to get back on track with me made May this week.
I did make a dress today but I'm intending to wear it tomorrow so will photograph then.
I have another dress and a couple of dodgy bags I would like to get done this week.
I also spent a good deal of time in the garden this week clearing and tidying the patio.  We finally had our first bbq on Saturday.
It is Daniel's birthday in the week so we will work on making it nice for him, even though we can't see his friends or go out. 
Our lockdown is continuing in much the same vein.  Although we can go out and go to work, both have to be done only if it is safe.  There is talk that the little ones may go back to school in June, it is not Daniel.  They want to see if they can get some of the students at my school back before we break for summer, but we will have to see what the numbers look like.
Anyhow, I hope you are all staying safe.  Have a great week.


  1. I love your elephant swatch device. Very cute. Are province is in phase one of removing some of the lock downs but I have to say I am quite nervous that in two weeks we will see a resurgence of cases. We are staying close to home, but I did venture out to get a blood test done that was worrying me. Now I have to wait for the results. Happy Birthday to Daniel. I hear you about swatching - when it is for myself I don't, but I did swatch for my daughter's sweater and I was glad I did because I had to go up a needle size to get gauge. Have a good week.

  2. Oh, what a pretty color for a skirt. Will enjoy watching that take shape. Schools here will not open until the fall. Summer school will be online. Hopefully our hot summer will knock out the virus in our area.

  3. That swatch tool is very cute! I'm so surprised that you never swatch, Lucy - with all the sweaters you make. And they turn out perfectly! Looking forward to watching you knit a skirt. You impress me so!

  4. I love the idea of a knitted skirt so I’m very interested to see how you get on with your design and making. I think a knitted skirt would be very comfortable and I’m all about comfort these days. I must say I’m glad we are in Scotland with a clearer message to stay home still, we watched Boris and were totally confused 🤷‍♀️. I’m not an SNP voter or fan of Nicola, but like how she’s handling the far.

  5. Your stitch gauge is so cute! The yarn is scrumptious....we like the same colors. If it is hand-dyed do you have to swap skeins so it doesn't pool? It's going to make a lovely skirt. I can't wait to see what you've sewn. At least, considering the lock downs, we can get outside although I self-isolate all the time. I should give classes on how to be happy all by yourself! LOL! Wish Daniel a very happy birthday! You inspire me to sew. All I've been sewing are zigzagging the edges of my cross stitch fabric! LOL! Have a good week!