Sunday 31 May 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 48

Hey, I didn't miss a week this time!
I got through quite a bit this week.
I have a finished object, but first there is a backstory.  I love creating my own clothes (you may have noticed!)  I do sew a number of garments and I  have a number of dresses, particularly that I like to wear.  But... I  do not enjoy making them.  Ivd known this for a while, but have never really thought about it.  This week I was watching some new podcasts to me - Bernadette Banner and Rachel Maksy (they both sew their own vintage clothing).  It suddenly dawned on me that the reason I  love knitting is because yes I love the product, but I also love the process of doing it, whereas I  don't get that with sewing and therefore am not excited by new projects.  Whilst watching I was struck with a sudden desire to do some hand sewing - abandoning the machine and doing it by hand.  As a result I am loving it, I  have finished a project (yes it took longer than doing it by machine,  but I enjoyed it).  I am currently in the middle of another project and planning the next few outfits.   Its brilliant, I can take everything outside and stitch in the garden  - it's been beautiful this week.  So, here is my fo!
A pair of knickers! Loved doing this and learned so much.
I actually have a second fo that is not knitting.   Last Sunday, I took part in my first portrait artist of the week- live on Facebook.  I drew Will Young and loved doing it but I'm not sure it looks completely like  him.
This week it is Noel Fielding and I'm going to take part again.
My Breathing space is coming on in that I have split for the sleeves and have started the short rows where there would be striping.
I have also put some rows on from way back  but I  shall update on that one next week.
And that is that,  I  will get round after this week's  portrait!  Have a good week.


  1. Great work on those knickers. I just watched a you tube this morning on hand sewing a face mask - and I love the idea to be out on the back porch sewing in the sun. Well done on your portrait - looks amazing.

  2. Your knickers came out very nice. I think your portrait came out quite nicely. Much better than I could have done. Breathing Space is growing each week. Soon it will be completed. Have a good week.

  3. I have never been able to or wanted to wear those "tiny" "knickers". LOL! I was always constantly wanting to pull them up and those "thongs"...OMG! Never in a million years! Like those really high heels....are they really comfortable? Why do women do that to themselves? I'll never understand but I am old so maybe that's what happens when you age. They are cute though and the material is very pretty.
    I agree with you on sewing....totally. I don't want to sit at the machine. Maybe I should try hand sewing although I would be afraid that it would fall apart the first time I washed it! LOL!
    You are extremely talented in your art work! I have no idea who those people are but I think it is excellent! You are so talented in everything you chose to do! Have a great week!

  4. I’m having an issue with my comments working on yours and Sam’s blogs for some reason...I think if I open the posts in Safari. So I’ve come back to check and see my comment is missing...unless it’s waiting approval. Anyway, I said that as I thought your knickers were a great project for hand sewing, although for me I just buy cheap black knickers from Tesco or Asda 😂. The portrait looks really good, although I don’t see a likeness to Will Young. It’s interesting on Portrait Artist of the Year show when sometimes people have the likeness and it disappears, or sometimes hey don’t have it until the last few touches. But as a portrait of a man it’s brilliant....mind you I haven’t seen what Will looks like since he was on Countryfile a few years ago,

  5. Interesting that hand-sewing caused you to enjoy the process of making a garment. Like, Mary-Anne above, I enjoy the thought of hand-sewing, but it sounds so tedious I never really do it (other than mending). Hmmm. Maybe you'll start something among us, Lucy. Had to look up Will Young to see if your drawing looks him (I'm not familiar with him). Regardless of the likeness, it's a very nice drawing. Everything about it. Yay you!