Sunday 28 March 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

 I had no intention of missing two weeks,  but it's been one thing after another!  Nothing dreadful, just niggles.

Apart from school, which is really wiping me out this term, our internet stopped working two weeks ago.   Not a terrible thing,  but it took a week to sort out and meant that I  couldn't do my blog that weekend.  Then, when it returned, my son's phone stopped working.  Again not terrible, but it took about a week and various calls and trips to sort it out.   The phone, we think fixed, returned yesterday.  So I am really just awaiting the third thing!  Last weekend, apart from trying to fix the phone, I  had my covid vaccine - hurrah (double hurrah as I  am not in the age bracket they are doing at the moment,  but think my asthma bumped me up the queue)!  As a result, I didn't feel great on Sunday and didn't  blog then either.  And this week I  have been very unmotivated to do anything apart from sleep.

Luckily,  I did make some progress on my Projects before this shenanigans began!

I am making headway into my garter stitch blanket.   I have under 200 stitches on the needles and am decreasing by one each row, so not far to go now.

I have also been really getting on with Oare Water.   This is knit in John Arbon Textiles Yarnadelic and I  am loving it.  I am now doing the top back section.

I haven't really touched anything else, but I  have grand plans for Easter!

So that is that for today, I am going to bake bread and Easter cupcakes today, and try to keep out of trouble!

Hope you all have a great week and have a good Easter weekend, if you celebrate it (have a great weekend anyway, of course).


  1. Oh! What a couple of weeks you've had! When things go sideways, it seems to REALLY go sideways.

    I love the random stripes of your garter blanket! Is it for you? The sweater color is really great, and judging by the picture, you just have the sleeves and the yoke: Practically finished!

  2. Whoa...........internet and then phone problems. That would really make for a headache. So glad they all seem to be fixed now. Good to hear you got your first jab of vaccine. We seemed to be a bit sluggish for a couple of days after both of our shots. Just glad to have it done and out of the way now. What size will that blanket be in the end?

  3. I'm so sorry you've had such troubles! It's never just the one's when they add up that makes it difficult to cope. Hopefully, that is all out of the way now and you will have a fabulous coming week and more!
    I love your garter stitch blanket. You have a big chunk of your Oare Water done too. So, not bad considering the last few weeks you've had. I can't believe it is Easter already....wasn't it just Christmas not too long ago?

  4. Let's hope there is no third thing. Glad to hear you got the vaccine. I hope school settles down for you.

  5. Hope all is straightened now. Technology is long as it works. Loving your stripey blanket Loving the color of your Oare Water as well.

  6. Roll on half term for you. Sounds like you are really ready. That rich red colour is gorgeous. I do like John Arbon's fibres but still haven't used his yarn in my stash.