Sunday 4 April 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 40

 It has been a slightly more relaxed week,  this week - although with our exam classes it has been pretty intense.  We are now on holiday for a couple of weeks,  so,  although I have a bit of school work to complete,  I should be able to relax a bit! It is also my birthday in the week so I am determined to make some time for me.   

We have a couple of friends coming over for a bbq on Tuesday.  We are starting to relax rules and are now allowed to meet as a six outside in the garden.   They are only allowed in to use the toilet!  It is however, supposed to be -3 on Tuesday so although I have run up 2 blankets from some fabric I  had, I would really like to finish my garter stitch blanket.   I am at about 100 stitches.

I should be able to do it!

I have made good progress on  Oare Water. 

I have completed the back and am now making my way up the front section.

I have also cast on my April socks. 

These are knit in a Little French meadow yarn and I am doing a sort of Blueberry waffle sock pattern. 

Otherwise, I  hope to run up a table cover for ouf new garden table complete a dress I havd had cut out for some time as well ss doing some baking this week!  Oh and I have a number of jobs to do in the garden!

And so again, that is it for this week - I hope everyone has a lovely Easter holiday and great week.


  1. Hope you have a fantastic birthday. It is also my birthday later this week!! Sadly for me that means my health insurance goes up significantly as I'm forced to move to government health insurance. Loving your Blueberry waffle socks!! And of course I love your stripy blanket. What's not to love about stripes.

  2. I hope your birthday is fabulous. You have so many nice projects going. I really like the sock pattern you are making.

  3. Oh my, its going to be quite a chilly day when you have outdoor guests!
    The blanket is looking really snuggly, I hope you get to use it with company. Maybe your sweater will be ready as well- because it looks amazing.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is a great one! I adore that blanket! The sweater is really coming along and your new socks are so that yarn!
    Enjoy your time off and it sounds like you have some fun and crafty things planned. Remember, the older you get the longer you get to celebrate!

  5. Happy birthday and I hope everyone has enough blankets to stay warm for your bbq.

  6. Happy birthday and I hope you all manage to keep warm for your party. Some really ambitious projects under way.

  7. Have a lovely birthday this week. You have some wonderful plans for the week. We have snow here today and I believe its heading south..where it will get as far south of you we shall see. Enjoy