Sunday 18 April 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 42

 I am a tiny bit later with this post, but with good reason!

Earlier this week I was reading some articles and found one about writing.  Now, I have started journals many a time,  but they fall by the wayside and I lose them!  So I thought I would try a version that I could make work.  For the rest of the week, I  gave been doing some work with a notebook combined with writing more here on this blog.

For the remainder of the week  I have been blogging every day (if you are interested you can use the archive tool on the right).

How is this related to my year of Projects?  You may well ask!  Well, a couple of days ago I mentioned my love of hand sewing in a blog and said that I was currently working on my Olive pinafore.   Yesterday I discovered that I had done something wrong (I think I put the front pieces on the wrong way - easily done if you fabric is reversible and you think you are better than cutting notches!)  Anyway, far from calming my anxiety (which was the reason behind the writing in the first place) this served only to make me more anxious as I kept going over and over how I was going to put it right.

So, this morning I have deconstructed parts of ot, cut bits off and I can report that it is looking much better (excuse the other dress already on Patricia).

Just the finishing hems and press studs to do - hurrah!  (And this was why my post is a bit later!)

In other news, I finished Oare Water.  This is unblocked, but it will do for a mo!

This is knit in John Arbon Textiles yarnadelic and was a lovely knit.

I did a little work on my socks, but the rest of my knitting time has been spent on a new project which I will tell you about next week!

I hope you all have a great week and I will see if I can do a few extra blogs this week as I return to school.


  1. Sewing - glad you enjoy it. For me it is usually a stressor. Can't believe what I'm paying to get my machine fixed (running slow) when I probably won't ever use it again. Masks and project bags are the limits of my sewing. After making my daughter's dress too tight when I could have bought a dress for less, clothing will never come off my machine. Your sweater turned out great.

  2. I'll be looking for your posts. Good for you solving that tricky sewing problem! Your sweater is adorable....the neckline is so pretty. It's like wearing pearls with your sweater. I have journaled for over 20 years...first thing in the morning while I have my coffee. It takes me an hour: I write what I accomplished the day before, any dreams I had during the night, 10 things I'm grateful for and a written prayer. I started when I went through my divorce years ago in order to get all the negativity out of my head and onto the paper. It worked and although the negativity is gone it gets my day off to the proper start. I highly recommend it! you go girl!

  3. Ironic how our stress relieving projects and crafts can cause us stress! I am glad you have it all sorted now. I am sure Patricia doesn't mind the layered look!

  4. I thought of you when I was watching the Sewing Bee last week and wondered if that would spark up your sewing interest! What an hour of pure joy it is. I'm glad your dress is back on track.

  5. It takes great patience to hand sew a garment. I am impressed. Your Oare is very pretty. Love the color. I hope you are enjoying your journaling/blogging. I find it helps keep my mind from retaining too useless information.