Wednesday 28 April 2021

Me Made May 2021

It is so close to that time of year again!  

Me Made May is an initiative started by Zoe at So Zo What do you know? I don't know how many years ago? - but it was quite a few!

There are no real rules, it is up to you how you structure it.  This year I would really like to wear something me made every day.  I will try to record it on Instagram but may not post every day.  I will also try to record on here, but that is likely to be a weekly entry!  Why?  You may ask.

I would like to refresh my wardrobe - find out what I like wearing, and what goes with what - with a view to plugging the gaps.  After Me made May, I will look at my Year of Projects list and review it!

Since it is a long weekend here in the UK, I am hoping to do a kick off post on Saturday.  I would like to try and empty my wardrobe at that point and at least recycle/donate some items I know I will never wear.

Now to get ready for the Sewing Bee to get me in the mood!


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