Saturday 1 May 2021

Me Made May Week one

 It's May 1st,  and with that, Me Made May begins.  

During the week,  since I have been home with my son isolating,  I managed to go through my wardrobe.  I was very strict with myself and have already cleared a lot of items.  I have a few items that I will now be using as rags, a few that are picked out for altering or mending and several that I will be sending to charity.

Today I  am wearing a colourwork sweater that I have not worn for quite a while.

This is Buchanan by Kate Davies, knit in a yarn by Coldharbour Mill.  

I have also sorted out a few items to wear during the week, so I don't have to think much before school!

For the last two years I have become a bit hung up by trying to wear something new each day, this year I want to focus less on wearing different items and more on different combinations of items so I can test what goes with what and indeed what I could do with having more of.

And so, that is day one.  I will report back next week, how it is all going!



  1. How did I miss that sweater? It's gorgeous! One of these days I'm going to start wardrobe sewing! I just have way to many interests.

  2. It’s a gorgeous coloured jumper. I like the idea of making different outfits from different items. If Me Made was in a winter month I’d have no issues as I have so many jumpers and accessories and can definitely say I’ve worn something made by me every day of November-March and most of April. For those rare warm days though is where I would struggle...but as they are so rare it would mean I wouldn’t need to make much! One day I will sew garments,