Sunday 2 May 2021

A Year of Projects - week

 Well that was a bit of a strange week.  Although, we have obviously taught through lockdowns before and had lessons through Zoom, I have never done it from home when everyone else is in.  It went very well and I was 'present' for almost all of my lessons.  And, of course, Daniel didn't have Covid!

It is the 2nd of May, and so, the 2nd day of Me Made May!  I posted my introduction to MMM here and my preparations and day one here 

So today, I have dug out another make that I haven't worn in a while.

This is Rugged coat by Joji Locatelli and I knit it in Knit Picks City tweed to make it very affordable.

But this is a Year of Projects post, so what have I been working on this week?  

Well I finished Olive!  I started off having a nightmare with the press studs (after my nightmare with putting panels around the wrong way)!

However, once I figured it out, it was great fun.  To the point that I may never do buttons on a sewn garment again!

This is a pattern in the latest Tilly and the Buttons book. 

I have also made progress on the Antiquity blouse. 

I am knitting this in Eden Cottage Keld fingering.   It is beautiful - cropped - but I  knew that when I started and I should be able to wear it with a high waisted skirt, which was always the idea.

I have also worked a bit on my socks when I  needed something mindless!

We have a nice long weekend here in the UK,  so I have some pork in the slow cooker and a chocolate marmalade loaf in the kitchen calling my name!!

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  1. Love the idea of showcasing your handmade items for May. Here it would be too warm for sweaters so maybe it would need to be in March. I only have enough knitted items to do once or twice a week since at least half of my knitted items get gifted. Glad you had such a good experience making your Olive. I did just splurge to get my sewing machine repaired but it is only used for making masks (hopefully coming to an end soon) and seam repairs.

  2. Love your Rugged Coat. The tweed is perfect for that pattern. Olive looks wonderful. So glad you were able to finish it. Antiquity is such a pretty top. It has so much interest on it.

  3. Oh, it's going to be fun seeing what you wear this month that you've made. Your Rugged Coat looks great. Olive looks good, too. I'm glad you got the buttons working. ;^) And Antiquity is beautiful. How lovely to have so many garments you've made.

  4. Aha, that is what MMM is all about. I wear something I made everyday - SOCKS! Your coat is great, and that Antiquity is amazing. I can imagine all the button holes on the dress was crazy making, but it looks wonderful.

  5. I really like the cardigan and the russet like colour looks lovely too. The Antiquity top is so pretty. If I still worked in an office and wore smart trousers or skirts I would be tempted to give it a go, but I seem to live in either walking trousers or tracksuit bottoms. I just subscribed to Tilly and the Buttons blog yesterday and will check out some of their patterns. They seem to have quite a few for beginners. Maybe something button free would be a good starting choice.

  6. Thank goodness Daniel is alright! Whew! Glad your remote teaching was a success. I remember when you made the coat...I love it and it looks really nice on you. I have one of those press studs kits but haven't tried it I want to! Olive turned out great. The antiquity blouse is gorgeous! Dinner sounds wonderful. Enjoy your time off!

  7. I'm so glad that your son's test was negative. It makes things much less stressful. Glad that teaching went smoothly for the week. It is rather difficult to get things accomplished with everyone home!