Wednesday 21 April 2021

Midweek catchup

 I call this a catch up, but in reality, there is little to catch up with.  I am back at work, which is manic as always and exhausting.  School is fairly full on at the moment as the exams have been cancelled and so we have to gather evidence to award the students with the appropriate grade.  This, as you can possibly imagine, takes up a lot of time and so, when I get home I am just falling asleep!

So that is pretty much all that is in my head at the moment (in terms of writing things down!)  I have done a tiny bit of knitting on my socks and Antiquity blouse.  It is also the Sewing Bee tonight,  which is likely to be the highlight of the week!  It is holiday week this week.

1 comment:

  1. You have all my teacher's sympathy. That sounds just miserable. In my district, they've cancelled final exams, so we just grade the students on the homework and regular quizzes.