Tuesday 13 April 2021


 I was reading this afternoon.  This is quite unusual in itself.  

I was reading about how writing things down is good for your soul.   

I've been feeling anxious (this is not unusual,  especially at the moment).  And I  have been looking for ways to address this.

So this afternoon, whilst sat in the garden,  I started to write down a few things.  Along with some arty additions using my new brush pens.

To be honest, this first attempt was more of a list, as well as finding and writing down a recipe to use my broad beans and fennel.  However,  I did feel calmer once I'd finished and felt my heart was not beating as fast. 
Now here I am a bit later on, and I thought I would also try writing some down here.

I entitled this crumble as we have just enjoyed a rhubarb crumble made with our own rhubarb which is cropping really well now (it's only taken 14 years!)  I also planted out the rest of the potatoes today - it would be lovely to be self sufficient over summer on the vegetable front.

Tomorrow, I would really like to start some of my sewing projects (the olive pinafore particularly), but that will require me putting down my latest knitting project down.

This is the Antiquity Blouse that I am knitting in Eden Cottage Keld fingering.  Both pattern and yarn ate gorgeous,  but I will fill you in on that in another post.

So have these two pieces of writing helped?  It is, of course,  too early to say.  But, I think I will try to keep it up. 


  1. Great idea to write away your anxiety, even for a while.

  2. I have been writing in a journal for 5 years now. It is a fabulous help for me and much cheaper than a psychiatrist lol. You did some lovely artwork. I wish I had that talent. Your new sweater is such a pretty color and even looks vintage.

  3. I have tried keeping a journal many times but it always falls by the wayside. I need a way of making it become second nature!