Wednesday 14 April 2021


 I'm currently sitting in the car waiting for my eldest to have his hair cut,  before me and the youngest go in to have ours done!  So I thought I would take advantage of the time.   

So... mending.  I was thinking actual mending and perhaps mending myself.  Do I need mending?  No.  But it can't hurt can it?!

Actual mending - I have a little pile of things that need fixing.

First up an old knitted jumper.  I noticed it had a few holes in it.   Now if I  loved wearing the sweater, I would be upset, but would also consider darning it.  However  I  don't love it - it is the wrong shape and not long enough.  I don't like the neckline which slips off my shoulders.  So, I have frogged it.

I have also mended a couple of holes in sweaters that I do love.  I ran out of time to take up Daniel's school trousers so I will do that tomorrow. 

I am trying to continue the writing from yesterday to help me to be mindful.  I also tried a blind contour this morning sitting on the patio.  I discovered these at the beginning of the week whilst watching a class on Creativebug.  You draw what is in front of you with 2 rules - you don't look at the paper and you don't take your pencil off of the paper.  I have only done a couple but I really like them.

And there we have today.  I am going to try to keep this up for the rest of the week, I  don't know how it will pan out when I  return to work next week,  but I shall take it day by day. 

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