Sunday 12 September 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 11

 It's been a somewhat crazy week!  Mainly school related, but there has been some before school organising of the boys added into the mix!

I did manage to finish the hat I was knitting for my friend and coworker that is off school at the moment undergoing radiotherapy.

This was knit in some stash yarn from Eden Cottage  the pom pom is from Toft alpaca and the pattern is looking ahead by Veera Valimaki. 

I also knit a Snitten for her daughter (it is a cross between a kitten and a snail!)

I have also made some progress on my Vaara from Pom Pom quarterly issue 17.

As you can see  I have split for the sleeves and now am apparently doing miles of stocking stitch!  I don't actually mind,  it is nice and relaxing.  I am knitting this in John Arbon Textiles knit by numbers 4ply. 
And that is it for this week.   I can't see that I will do that much this coming week as we have meetings and an open evening.  Next weekend we are going to the Goodwood Revival (a car racing based event) but I shall endeavour to post at some point and share my outfit at the very least.
I hope everyone has a lovely week.  😍


  1. Great hat, and fabulous pom pom! I can’t decide if a Snitten is something cute or something from my worst nightmare. It sound as though you have a busy week coming up, endless knit rows are great for that. It’s what I always want on the needles to relax with until I actually have it!

  2. The hat looks terrific. Love the Smitten for her daughter. How nice that they can share having knitted items. You have gotten a lot of knitting done. Congrats.

  3. The hat looks warm and so soft. Love the pom pom on it. That skitten is adorable and should bring a smile to the girls face. Good job on the sweater.

  4. The snitten is adorable! And that sweater will be a nice staple outfit in that lovely neutral color

  5. How you manage all of it is beyond me! You are a busy lady! The hat is darling especially with that pompom. The smitten looks like a snail to me...I'm not seeing the kitten part but as long as she likes it. I'm so sorry your friend is going through that....I pray that she gets better. Your sweater is really coming along. Enjoy your outing at the races!