Sunday 26 September 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 13

 I wonder where the time goes sometimes!  Last weekend we went to an event called The Goodwood Revival - this is a yearly event which is based around historic car racing and almost everyone that attends (including vendors) get dressed in period clothing.  It is wonderful.

Anyway, that took up ghe whole weekend,  so no blog or knitting last week.  

I have been able to make some progress on some projects and even have an FO!

I was looking through the latest Pompom magazine and saw a headband pattern that I thought would be perfect for the autumn days and keeping my earbuds in my ears on my walks to work.  I also had enough yarn from making my friend's hat to knit it - so here it is.   It is called Broceliande.

I have already used it to walk to get my flu jab yesterday and it was perfect!

I have made progress on my top.  I am now going round and round until I  finish the current ball of wool!

The yarn is Knit By Numbers 4ply from John Arbon Textiles and the pattern is Vaara. 

I've also done a little to the blanket and some on the socks, but not a lot to look at yet.

This next week is my slightly easier one at work, so hopefully that will give me some more time to catch up with things.  I usually like to start planning Christmas now (sorry for the C word) - I have done a few things, but I still feel a little behind!!

Anyway, until next week,  hope you all have a good one.


  1. The headband sounds a great idea for autumn. I could do with something like that when gardening so my ear buds don't fall into the borders. Full respect to anyone who Knits a jumper with 4 ply looks like you don't have too much left to knit yay

  2. Cute headband. Perfect for the cooler months coming up. I love the photo of the boys in their period clothing. What a fun event.

  3. What a great idea to use a headband to hold in earbuds!! Drives me crazy tying to get them not to fall out. Congrats to you on being able to handle the pressure of Christmas knitting. I haven't done that yet.

  4. The antique car race sounds like so much fun! Your "boys" certainly looked the part. The headband is adorable and your sweater is so pretty. You got a lot done on it already. Have a great week!

  5. What a great idea to use the headband to keep your earbuds in! I have a headband and never thought to use it for that but now I will. I love your pics of the period costumes - what fun!