Sunday 5 June 2022

A Year of Projects Update- week 49

 I know I keep saying this, but it's been really busy!  I haven't even been at work this week!

I do, however,  have a host of projects to share.

Firstly, I finished my baby blanket.

This is knit in mainly Sirdar snuggly, but with other leftovers thrown in.

I have also started, and finished a top.  This is a wearable toile made in some fun Wizard of Oz fabric.  I want to make the dress version next.

I have also made progress on my bag that I started a while ago. 

This is from Pompom magazine number 25 and is called Judoka.  I am on the last section, knit in some leftover linen yarn I had in stash.

And finally, I have started a summer dress for myself in a lovely cotton lawn.  It is the Simple sew Kate dress.

I am sewing this one by hand as it is my preferred method.

I also did a round up post for Me Made May Here.   There were fewer photos this year  but more lessons!  Next year I hope to have learned from those lessons and produce more photos!

Anyway, that is all from me this week.  Back to work tomorrow for the last leg this year.  I hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. The baby blanket turned out great. Your top turned out real cute. Very talented seemstress. Best wishes as you finish the last leg of this year's school session. I wish the US would move to the more "year round" type school calendar but I don't see the teachers union supporting it.

  2. The baby blanket is so pretty. Your top is darling and so attractive on you! I love the material for the dress. Your bag is going to be lovely and I can't wait to see it finished. My daughter is done for the year teaching and she also had to move to a newly built school as the one she was at is being demolished. So, not only did she have report cards but she had to pack too before the school is destroyed....what a deadline!

  3. baby blanket is adorable and I love the tops

  4. You got quite a bit done this week. Such a cute baby blanket. Your wizard of oz top looks perfect for summer. Your dress is really pretty. I admire the fact you are seeing it by hand.

  5. Love that blanket. Everytime I see all your sewing I am in awe, and thinking I should get my sewing machine in action again . Your top and dress are lovely.

  6. Love the blanket! It came out great. I am in awe of your sewing. I wish I could sew. (Seeing machines and I just don’t get along, lol.). I can’t wait to see your dress. The fabric is pretty. Jen@Carolina Tales