Friday 3 June 2022

Me Made May - Round Up

 So May is done and although I had few photos, I feel that as an exercise it was very successful.

I have been using the worksheet produced by Zoe -  @Sozoblog and the Check Your Thread Podcast.

So what have I discovered?

Nothing that I wore needed altering or could do with repurposing.  This is partly because I went through my wardrobe prior to May to sort out items that I should donate (and have done) or that I should alter or mend.  I found that I loved wearing my red skirt and now need to wear it more!  My brown skirt can come out some more too, but needs more tunic length tops to go with it.

Please excuse the dreadful photo!  

I also wore my first cream coloured Olive with different tops underneath. 

I enjoyed wearing this, apart from a slight fit issue as I constructed it wrongly.  During May I made a second Olive - correctly!  And wore it a couple of times.

So in conclusion, I need to make some more tunic length tops that I can wear with these and skirts.  I also have found that I should get some new shoes to wear with these - some for work and some sandals, that would then make these outfits even more wearable.

Clothes that I didn't reach for are some cropped tops that I need to see if I will wear them - I am thinking either under a pinafore, over a dress or with a high waisted skirt.

I have also been seeing all of the posts from The Friday pattern company on the Saguaro set and wonder if I would wear it?  I do love the look of it... and I'm sure it would go with the crop tops.

So going forward - I need to invest in some shoes.  I will make some tunic length casual tops (with a shallower neckline).  I would like to make some more dresses.  I would also like to knit some more tunic length tops to go with the skirt or leggings.

In terms of sustainability, I will continue to repurpose items when they are no longer used and I will use my stash where possible,  rather than purchasing more fabric.

And so, that is my assessment of this year's MMM!  Now to start planning for next year!

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